Dinergy by Aurea Stone

Aurea Stone: A Natural-Looking Solution to Marble Maintenance

The exotic, elegant look of marble is a coveted look for high-end homes, sophisticated storefronts, and public buildings such as cathedrals and museums. The beautiful look of this natural stone is a top choice for flooring, countertops, bathrooms and many other traditional elements of home decor. However, porous marble is notoriously sensitive to stains, scratches, chipping and etching; keeping marble looking new is a difficult task in a busy home, especially in the kitchen.

The Extensive Requirements of Marble

When you select natural marble for your home, each fragile slab requires careful transportation and installation to avoid cracking, chipping and scratches. Marble requires regular cleaning and sealing with a penetrating sealer to help protect it against stains; however, it will always remain vulnerable, especially to liquids such as teas, red wines, and berry juices. The minute these liquids spill on your countertop, a permanent stain is the result.

Marble is also vulnerable to scratches from utensils, knives, small appliances and pots and pans. Dropping an item on a marble countertop easily results in a scratch or a chip. Acid is also an enemy to marble, and frequently used kitchen essentials such as vinegar, wine, salad dressing or citrus juices quickly alters the honed or polished surface of marble countertops. The results are devastating, with the loss of polish and pitting that mars the beautiful white surface.

Homeowners often regret choosing marble once they discover the maintenance needs and the impact of a single error on this exotic, fragile stone. As an additional natural stone option, granite offers more durability, but it still requires sealing, and as a porous stone, it is also vulnerable to stains.

Durable Engineered Stone

Engineered stone for countertops and flooring has become a popular choice due to the difficulties of marble maintenance and granite’s limitations. Engineered quartz has been an industry leader with colorful ground stone manufactured with the use of resins and pigments. The result is a strong, practical surface that is scratch and stain resistant and has no need for sealers.

For the homeowner who desires a high-end look without the maintenance needs, engineered quartz is the ideal option, especially for kitchen countertops. However, most engineered quartz looks like granite, which means the elegant marble look has still eluded homeowners who love the sophisticated style of marble but have concerns about the maintenance needs.

Aurea Stone: Fragile Marble Meets Sturdy Engineered Stone

Aurea Stone brings the magic of marble and durability of engineered stone together to create the perfect material for high-end home decor. With translucent qualities and the benefits of sophisticated engineering, our PHI Technology creates a natural, grain-free surface with a feeling of life and movement. It looks just like marble, but you’ll enjoy the maintenance-free durability of engineered quartz.

Bright white colors and natural veining produce the uncanny look of marble with none of the maintenance hassle. Now you will enjoy the timeless marble look of your countertops, backsplash, shower surround and floor without the worry about damage or ongoing maintenance. The surface of Aurea Stone is stainless; enjoy cooking in your gourmet kitchen with no risk of countertop or flooring damage.

Each of the designs in the Aurea Stone collection features a subtle, natural design and color. Matching natural marble is our goal, and we have achieved excellence; our collection has authentic appeal, and we challenge you to try to tell the difference between our high-quality engineered stone and natural marble.

Maintaining Aurea Stone

Imagine your peace of mind when you know your Aurea Stone engineered surface will resist stains and scratches while providing you with many years of durable use. Unlike marble, maintaining your Aurea Stone surface is simple:

  • We recommend gentle, non-acidic and non-abrasive cleaners; harsh cleaners will damage the polished surface of the stone.
  • Although Aurea Stone is scratch resistant, we recommend using care with sharp or metallic objects to ensure the enduring beauty of the surface.

The simplicity Aurea Stone brings to your lifestyle while allowing you to enjoy a high-end, customized look is an engineering breakthrough we are proud to offer. Don’t give up on marble; simply select and enjoy Aurea Stone as an elegant part of your home’s decor.