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AIA Conference on Architecture 2017

AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 April 27-29, Orlando UPDATE YOUR STYLE WITH AUREA STONE QUARTZ 2.0 – MARBLE PERFECTED You are cordially invited to attend the AUREA STONE Booth # 4023 www.aureastone.com clash of clans cheat codes

Designing Modern Countertops with a Natural Stone Look

You want to take part in designing the kitchen for the next chapter of your life. In your research, you probably have learned that the most classical of building materials, natural marble, is easily damaged by heat, acidic liquids like cola, wine or orange juice, and by many common cleaning supplies. You may be thinking […]

Fabulous Faux Marble finally gets that Natural Stone Look

A modern home craves natural stone. Granite is familiar to the rock climber and certainly to all who have grown up lately in contemporary suburban kitchens, yet for so many of us it fails to evoke the poetry of stone. But marble is the stone that calls out to our souls. With a mysterious, delicate […]

How to Change Your Surroundings With Natural-Looking Stone

If you are like many consumers, you want to change your surroundings over time. You can dream up projects such as planting a water garden, adding a pool, or ripping out carpets to make room for stone floors. You can cover a faded brick exterior with new stone panels and instantly increase your home’s curb […]

What The Natural Stone Look Holds For 2017

Where will natural stone go in 2017? The International Tile & Stone Show that convenes later this year in Bologna, Italy, hosted by CERSAIE, has defined a clear path. Tile and stone designers from all over the world will have their latest stonework masterpieces on display. In case you can’t make it to Italy this […]

Get a Timeless Look for Your Kitchen

Did you ever visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City? It’s so popular that people often buy an annual membership and make multiple trips to see it. This includes people who live far from the city, but who are willing to travel. They just love the experience of moving through time in […]

Refurbish Your Home With the Natural Stone Look

If your home is truly your castle, you deserve not only a feeling of belonging and home security but a profound sense of comfort and elegance. Whether modern or touched with the best antique instincts, your home deserves to be fit for royalty in this modern day where we bow to no kings or emperors. Let your […]