Bring the Glow of Fine Marble to your Kitchen with the Natural Stone Look of AureaStone

Marble has that classic and timeless, contemporary look.  People love how it makes a kitchen more formal, and draws people in from the other portions of an open concept floorplan home.  The look of marble is elegant and enticing.

We know you want that familiar natural stone look you have seen in homes, magazines and hotels.  But marble may not be the way to get there.

This ancient stone’s luminous look temps homeowners to blow their budget to bring the look of classic marble to a modern kitchen. Sadly, many homeowners underestimate the challenges of living with white marble in a kitchen setting. Few materials are as easily damaged as natural marble.

Marble is soft.  The stone is highly porous, leading to swift absorption of stains — all kinds of stains. Red wine of course, but also coffee, tea, juices and sodas. Bright sauces such as tomato sauce or anything made with cumin, turmeric, cinnamon and other colorful spices make an enduring mark.  Rust is a disaster.   Even cooking oil and water rings can permanently stain a marble countertop.

Heat is an anathema to marble, too.  You may trigger a permanent color change in the marble if you place a hot pan on your countertop.  The entire surface scratches easily. Anything acidic, from salad dressing to orange juice dissolves the surfaces and etches the surface.

You are probably wondering how to get the beauty of marble with superior durability.  AureaStone provides the answer to your dreams. The beauty of real marble is now practical. Our engineered stone surface delivers the stunning beauty of white marble without the notorious disadvantages of your favorite stone.

  • Natural marble has curvy veins creating a mysterious pattern and a touch of translucency.  Marble’s grain pattern is very fine and uniform. Our engineered stone matches that subtle grain. Your friends will mistake it for marble!
  • Our Phi Technology process has solved all the puzzles, including improved white color.  White marble is naturally quite brilliant.  AureaStone replicates that brilliance and adds sophisticated veins.
  • AureaStone provides amazing stain resistance. This engineered stone will absorb less liquid than other stone materials.  If you are considering quartz, have a look at the AureaStone alternative.
  • How durable is AureaStone? More durable than a granite countertop! Think of the vulnerability of real marble, so easily scratched.  Our Phi Technology engineered stone resists scratching.  Don’t hold your breath when serving food or drinks on your new AureaStone surface.  If you do spill, you can simply wipe up and relax. Quality stain resistance protects the color of your kitchen counters.
  • How will your countertop be cut and shaped to your specifications?  AureaStone is much easier to cut than marble. This prevents all that waste and breakage we see in the natural stone cutting process.
  • AureaStone looks natural but is precision engineered.  Want to buy most of the material then add a little later?  Even if you don’t buy in one huge lot for your project, the product remains consistently lovely in both its look and its price. You will be able to add matching features at any time.

AureaStone provides the answer you’ve been looking for.  Phi Technology brings the look of ancient marble to your contemporary home. After decades of searching by researchers and stone manufacturers, our team got out ahead of the crowded field and devised the secret stone manufacturing process for AureaStone.

You will find this stunning durable product with the veining and shading of natural white marble only at AureaStone. By choosing AureaStone, you will preserve your budget so you can buy those nice bottles of red wine. Serve them on your new countertop with confidence, knowing that you are not risking permanent damage — and that your eyes can’t tell it’s actually a new wonder material.