Bring the Look of Natural Stone into your Wine Cellar

If you are one of the growing number of Americans who lives in a luxury home with a built-in wine cellar, you know the advantages this little room can bring to a modern lifestyle. If not (or if you require an update to your cellar design), consider that a wine cellar is usually much simpler to add than an additional bath, for example. You can add or revamp a wine cellar with natural stone opulence much more easily than you imagine.

Building a wine cellar is not as daunting as you may imagine. At Aurea Stone, we know that designers are creating memorable wine cellar experiences with the feeling of classic marble and the durability of the kind of no-hassle surface that Millenials – and people of any generation with no time for maintenance – are insisting upon.

Through our patented PHI process, we replicate white marble with the benefits of engineered stone. This miraculous product makes projects like adding a wine cellar much more feasible than ever before. Wine cellars have gained popularity to the point where they are on the checklist to differentiate luxury homes from commonplace abodes.

How to plan a beautiful wine cellar with the natural marble look

First, select a location in your home. Wine cellars must be able to hold a collection of bottles at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with as little fluctuation as possible. Early wine makers learned that vessels of wine stored in deep stone caves stayed drinkable and often got better, while jugs of wine tucked into a warm kitchen soon showed off-flavors. French wineries began to excavate deep caves to reproduce the ancient observation that the earth is naturally cool at cellar depths. To this day, in Europe, even a wine cellar built on the main floor of a home is often referred to as a “cave.” One concern in excavated caves was humidity. Fortunately, modern technology makes temperature and humidity control a trivial challenge.

Select a place in your home where cooling and humidity controls can easily be installed. Popular choices include basements, kitchen alcoves and even spaces in external structures near a pool or patio.  Stone surfaces are a practical addition to your cellar as well as a graceful touch of luxury. Our superior engineered stone will stay cool to the touch, reducing the temperature fluctuation when you open the “cave door” to select a fine bottle, restock with your latest finds, or show your collection to your dinner guests.

Design your interior

White marble, with translucence and ethereal veining, makes a beautiful surface for the walls or floor of a wine cellar. The timeless statues and evocative temples of the Greek and Roman civilizations are burned into our imaginations.  When your dinner guests step into your softly-lit, cool marble grotto, the room itself will frame their wine enjoyment at the meal to come.

We won’t blame you if you don’t tell your guests you built this wine sanctuary out of Aurea Stone, made impossible to differentiate from the best grade of natural marble by our new PHI Technology.

The reflectivity of white stone will make the floor and the walls positively glow. Select lighting fixtures that do not generate much heat.  LED accent lighting that is recessed behind features away from the bottle racks, energy-saving halogen track lighting or low-temperature bulbs tucked into sconces will provide cool illumination that won’t warm the room or harm the wines. Remember that old-fashioned incandescents and regular-voltage halogen bulbs will heat the surroundings too quickly and do not belong in your cellar.

If you have room to provide a tasting counter inside your cellar, this cool space could become your favorite summer hideout, perfect for pulling on a sweater, sipping a worthy vintage, and listening to music or a sporting event the rest of the household doesn’t properly appreciate.

One major advantage that Aurea Stone walls, floors or counters have over marble surfaces is that marble is notorious for staining. You won’t have to gasp in alarm if your esteemed guests spill a splash of your old-vine Cabernet Franc onto the gleaming white surfaces of the wine cellar. You will have the confidence derived from knowing the benefits of our durable, non-absorbant modern engineered stone, trusting its elegant, artistic natural stone look that helps keep the room cool in both senses of the word.

Wine is a symbol of education and access to good living. As you build wine into your life, incorporate Aurea Stone into your cellar. It is so real that you will not be able to differentiate your beautiful stone from natural marble, and you can put the savings in materials into your wine collection, further enhancing your future enjoyment.