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AIA Conference on Architecture 2017

AIA Conference on Architecture 2017
April 27-29, Orlando


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Designing Modern Countertops with a Natural Stone Look

You want to take part in designing the kitchen for the next chapter of your life. In your research, you probably have learned that the most classical of building materials, natural marble, is easily damaged by heat, acidic liquids like cola, wine or orange juice, and by many common cleaning supplies. You may be thinking that you have to give up on your desire for the kitchen of your dreams by settling for coarse-grained granite or uninspired quartz interpretations that leave you shrugging and wishing for the sublime natural patterns of marble.

If you really want the authentic look of fine Italian marble without the cost and the upkeep concerns, there is finally an answer for you.

Aurea Stone brings the timeless look of marble to modern design
With our patented PHI technology, you can fit modern engineered stone to your requirements and then relax while the admiration for “real” marble fills your guests with wonder. Aurea Stone invented the technology that makes your tough engineered stone counters and even floors fool the eyes of everyone who enters the room. People are drawn to the kitchen as the center of home life — and yours will create memories.

Let your design sense flow. As you look at our surfaces, you may instantly see possibilities for white kitchens, or for contrasting dark materials. Look through our subtle, beautiful variations and contrast these magnificent modern engineered surfaces with natural materials you love.

A Paragon of visual virtue
Turn to our Paragon stone as a savvy, versatile starting point. While you will want to see each of our PHI technology creations, the Paragon version offers a crisp, stylish white with muted marbled veins. This means you can follow your bliss in any of several directions. Flex your design muscles by sketching out a series of different visions centered on a Paragon counter and island plus potentially the backsplash as well.

Boldly envision an all white or white and steel kitchen where the Paragon surfaces are a statement for the natural world in a high-tech industrial statement. What does that look give you as a blank canvas for your colorful life?

Choose the powerful contrast of white, black and a primary color such as red to create a graphic arts look with Paragon’s natural stone look anchoring the white side. Red, white and black in combination present a powerful visual tradition. Marble is as modern a look as you could wish, and it gives a depth to that chess and checkers look that is as old as the finest chess set in any marble-walled European museum.

Engineered to stand alongside nature
As you work through each of your ideas don’t overlook the cherished rustic feel of hand-crafted, pride-infused homes. Surprisingly, it is entirely possible to pair natural complements with your prized engineered stone, underscoring the natural Paragon look. Reclaimed barn wood is a beloved statement in modern homes, whether richly dark or weathered to an elegant neutral gray. The grain patterns of fine old wood speak to the elegant grain patterns in our PHI-driven, marble-faithful surfaces.

Combine the stunningly natural look of Aurea Stone with hand shaped terracotta tiles, leather chairs and woven baskets to fill out a room with emotional memories of a time when everything was handcrafted by definition. By working with the engineered surfaces of Aurea Stone you are free to invoke that rich, simpler time in your own designs without giving up on the carefree modern life you love.

As you envision your project, whether it is your kitchen or if in fact you have been entrusted to create a beautiful home for someone else to live their life in, we at Aurea Stone are here to assist you in finding the livable, beautiful engineered surface of your dreams.

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Fabulous Faux Marble finally gets that Natural Stone Look

A modern home craves natural stone. Granite is familiar to the rock climber and certainly to all who have grown up lately in contemporary suburban kitchens, yet for so many of us it fails to evoke the poetry of stone. But marble is the stone that calls out to our souls. With a mysterious, delicate veined pattern that goes below the surface and a translucent quality, the marble countertop, wall or floor in your home makes a high-end statement like no other.

All the glory, none of the agony

Now there is an engineered stone surface that will bring your home the joy of marble with none of the headaches. This original fabrication discovery is now available to you from our company, Aurea Stone, thanks to our patented process called PHI Technology.

We have created a material that is as lovely as marble and more durable than granite. It was inspired by the most mystical of all mathematical and scientific formulas in the history of science. PHI, also called the golden proportion or the rule of thirds, determines what our brains see as beauty in the world around us. It was PHI we called upon.

The discovery of PHI in the 13th century helped lay the groundwork for the Renaissance. History tells us that it was Leonardo Fibonacci who determined that the ratio of 1.618 describes the balance and beauty in all designs, from the temples of Athens to the natural appeal of a baby animal’s big-eyed face. This ratio describes natural beauty that exists in seashells and blossoms. The principle also guides the creation of stunning contemporary beauty when elements are scientifically arranged to be more attractive to the human eye.

PHI led the way

Our product solves several persistent problems. One of them is quite honestly about looks alone. Most faux marble has been shockingly obvious. The entire category simply failed to deliver on the beauty found in the natural stone products. We knew there had to be a way to make a marble that had natural beauty, luminous white body and a depth to its marbling effect. Depth was one of the keys to the puzzle — our designs are three-dimensional, falling into the stone below the surface and re-emerging to the satin-like stone surface again.

We knew we could deliver on durability and price that would be highly superior to the fragile, expensive qualities of real marble, but our most challenging goal was to attain that authentic natural beauty.

As we worked to create a worthy engineered stone for the best homes or commercial designs, we kept returning to the idea of PHI and to the mathematical ratio itself. We already knew all about making fabricated quartz countertops, but it would take the inspiration of PHI and a leap into a revolutionary room temperature, normal atmospheric pressure process to bring the look of gorgeous Italian marble to life in the form of Aurea Stone.

The affordable practicality and the ethereal majesty had to be brought forth together or we would have nothing homeowners, designers or contractors would care about. We knew exactly what we wanted when we set out on this quest, but when our engineers came up with the innovative process we were simply astonished at the artistic, natural look of this new material. They went far beyond, motivated by the knowledge of PHI, that incredible mathematical ratio that was discovered as a result of an inquiry into the laws of beauty. We couldn’t be prouder of our team.

Classic elegance comes home

Let us bring the enduring and inspirational look and feel of marble into your kitchen — or any other room you choose — without any of the expense or practical drawbacks of natural stone. Get in touch with us directly or send your designer to learn about us. We can’t wait to bring the secrets of PHI and the look of natural stone into your home.

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How to Change Your Surroundings With Natural-Looking Stone

If you are like many consumers, you want to change your surroundings over time. You can dream up projects such as planting a water garden, adding a pool, or ripping out carpets to make room for stone floors. You can cover a faded brick exterior with new stone panels and instantly increase your home’s curb appeal. All of these projects are possible in isolation and/or in combination if you are willing to invest the time in planning them. You will also need some capital. Here, we consider what moves you, such as getting a natural stone look inside your home with the goal of greater harmony.

What Do You Want?

Taking on a new home improvement project is exciting! Think of your wants and needs. You know what you like best, even if you must do some research to access new ideas. We know that you’re an individual. You may not be going for a sense of excess or an interior that is too “busy.” Take the time to articulate your goals for a project before choosing materials. Do you imagine your improved home as a reflection of your personal taste? Do you want to come home to a structure that provides feelings of safety, comfort, and aesthetics? Are you more concerned with selling your home in the near future? As a homeowner, defining your wants and needs may also include embracing concepts such as simplicity or complexity. These are potential drivers for the designs that you will ultimately select and the influences for the materials that will bring them to full manifestation. Sometimes, changing your home’s interior involves disposing of many things and getting more creative with natural and artificial lighting. Or, perhaps your home just doesn’t meet your needs and you need to relocate to a home in a more remote location. We can help you to change the basic design schemes within your home with Aurea Stone, always with the goal of increasing its physical appeal. If you want to make over your home with few resources, faux marble could be just what you need.

Get Creative

Many consumers get creative with faux stone because they want that higher home value without the inflated cost. That being said, we recommend that you don’t just choose a material like Aurea Stone for its affordability alone. Instead, choose it because it fits your goals.

Harmony Eludes Many of Us

Before you come home, you will spend your time in many environments each day. There is your favorite coffee shop, your workplace, your child’s school, your gym, and the places where you pay your bills. Don’t forget the gas station and the grocery store. You stop into these places for snippets of time, and you look forward to getting home. This is where you want the feeling of harmony; it’s where you can unwind, nurture personal relationships, and enjoy life. We’re here to help you become more informed about the use of natural-looking stone as you seek that harmony.

What is Your Theme?

A home makeover should have an organizing theme that drives most or all of your design decisions. We believe that adding natural-looking stone manufactured through a patented process to be stronger than expensive marble is a smart way to organize a project. Aurea Stone can make a project into something much more high-end than you ever imagined. In their finished state, our stone materials can also transform an otherwise boring interior into a harmonious space.

Dare to Build Harmony Into Your Final Design

We’re always designing new patterns and colors in natural-looking stone that will help clients achieve desired visual effects in their homes. Explore our virtual gallery for new ideas!

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Planning Home Improvement Projects in Stages and Incorporating Engineered Stone

When you look around your home, you see it as an investment. It’s something to improve over time. If you are like many homeowners, this is a process that involves a certain amount of love. The process itself doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes it keeps you awake at night. The weekends are a great time to search for inspiration in terms of decorating and design. You might struggle with design questions like these:

Should I change the colors of the room?
Should I update the furniture?
Should I get new flooring?
Should I change the fireplace mantle and stone surrounds to create a new focal point in the room?

These questions and others can make it easier to decide where to begin improving your home. These types of questions will also apply whether you’re staying in your home for a long time or selling it soon because you want to invest in another property. Both your family members and your home’s future occupants want to feel comfortable when they are in the interior space. They want to be in a state of harmony with their surroundings, and, therefore, nothing should seem out of place. In the end, you can do more to improve your home by investing in materials that cost less but have the same visual effect.

We Help Homeowners Do More With Less

When you look around for ways to improve your residence, there are so many options. At first, you might think of high-end materials such as granite and marble. Or, you might think of having a contractor come in and knock down a wall or move it to change the traffic patterns in your home. Every step in the process that it would take to effect a change will cost money (unless it is a step you could do yourself). Pay close attention to your use of materials and invest in those that will stand the test of time. If you think back to Hellenistic times, the Greeks taught the world that the use of marble could be a magnificent material from which to produce precious objects. They used marble everywhere, but especially in gardens, atriums, bathrooms, kitchens, and public gathering spaces. Their use of marble in statues and pedestals resulted in pieces that have survived over two millennia.

Save With Engineered Stone

If you love marble, you can transform any space in your home with our engineered stone. Your investment in Aurea Stone will constitute a fraction of what you would pay for authentic marble. That’s because our engineered stone is manufactured through a special process from quartz, which is a common stone found in many parts of the world. With our many designs in replicated marble, you, as a homeowner, do not sacrifice quality. We have proven through the years that our product is less porous than marble, easy to clean, and strong enough to endure.

Try It for Yourself

To improve your home, remember that you don’t have to take on the makeover of an entire room all at once. It’s easier to make a list of improvements that you imagine and then to rank them according to priority. You can also plan the upgrades to your home in stages. Allow time for having the right amount of cash in your home budget and the availability of contractors based on your community’s building season. For example, you would most likely not change the pool or its surrounding decking in the dead of winter. Aurea Stone can become an integral part of your next home improvement project. You could start small, such as by redoing your fireplace, and see how our engineered stone meets your expectations. Most likely, we will exceed yours because we have perfected the design process through our PHI technology.


What The Natural Stone Look Holds For 2017

Where will natural stone go in 2017? The International Tile & Stone Show that convenes later this year in Bologna, Italy, hosted by CERSAIE, has defined a clear path. Tile and stone designers from all over the world will have their latest stonework masterpieces on display. In case you can’t make it to Italy this year, here’s a sneak peek at the inspiration that will be on exhibit:

Tribals: Taking their cues from the Milan fashion industry, interior designers are digging deep into historical ancestral roots. The results are as exciting as they are exotic. Accent natural stone flooring with herringbone patterns or stripes that have will have you thinking, “Is that zebra inspired?” If you are a world culture officionado, you can express yourself perfectly with this stone trend.

Organics: Where stone is concerned, how much organic can you get? What, exactly, does this trend mean? It means to look for jewel toned patterns against ivory or grey backgrounds. For minimalists who love a splash of bold color, this is a dream come true.

Size: Expect stone to go large this year, as in slabs and enormous tiles. New manufacturing technology now allows seamless coverage of wide expanses of virtually any color or grain variety imaginable. Interested in a completely natural look sans grout lines? Well, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Feature Wall: Because of the new trend for going big, that means a slab can serve as a feature wall. The possibilities are limitless. Opt for freestanding or integrated onto the surface of a wall as a feature work of art.

Textured Naturals: Interior designers have never lost their love for natural stone. But now they have the option of flair au naturel. Textured natural stone creates a marriage between natural beauty and sculpture. It allows for creating illusions such as the movement of desert sands or the natural mosaic effect found in the tunnels of a copper mine.

Animal Channel: If you are desiring to channel your inner spirit animal, it can be done through your natural stone choice. Just select a finish like imitation python for an unusual wow factor.

Mosaic: The old Greco-Roman mosaic styles will be taking on a modernist twist. Whether it adorns a wall, floor, or tabletop, there is no denying the mosaic designs of 2017 are breathtaking and certain to go down in history as a class of artwork their very own.

Nuance: Think stone can only be angular, flat and squarish? How about curved, gentle and nuanced? Natural stone designers are certainly throwing a curve ball with this one and it is definitely a home run.

Illumination: Natural stone may, at times, draw a connection to the gloomy darkness of a stone cave. A 2017 natural stone trend has arrived to dispel the darkness. Integrating lighting with the element of natural stone is a win/win.

Fabrics: Yes, you heard that right, fabrics. Are you crazy about textiles? Do you have a clan plaid? You can boldly display your family’s pattern heritage, or simply your personal pattern of choice, with this innovation.

Geometrics: Is math your thing? Then you will love the geometric designs that are emerging this year. Put your own stamp of STEM where you have your most inspirational brainstorming moments.

But where in the world does someone go to find these amazing natural stone options? The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the Old World. Aurea Stone is the natural stone artistry connection for the New World. To capture the essence of Mother Nature and make her a part of your personal environment is easy, even for those in the Western Hemisphere. Simply connect with natural stone artisans who cling steadfastly to the harmony of nature, geometry and the stone craftsmanship of the ancients.


Get a Timeless Look for Your Kitchen

Did you ever visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City? It’s so popular that people often buy an annual membership and make multiple trips to see it. This includes people who live far from the city, but who are willing to travel. They just love the experience of moving through time in the caverns of the museum. They recognize the value of viewing human art in its best forms. Recently, a walk through the halls of time in this national landmark made me think of the connection between Aurea Stone and the Hellenistic period of civilization. It’s just a timeless period that was very dedicated to decorations composed of marble, and that tradition has never gone out of style.

The Time of Alexander the Great

There was a period beginning in 336 B.C. that Alexander the Great inherited the Macedonian throne from his father, Philip II. He was the first to become the undisputed monarch of Greece. Alexander was famous for taking his vast military forces as far as Egypt and Central Asia’s Indus Valley. His fate was to die in Babylon and all of his acquired lands were then allocated to his generals. Alexander the Great lives on in the popular imagination as a great conqueror.

The Present

Having walked along the showcases of human achievement at the Met, I began to think about how consumers might change their kitchen to achieve a timeless look that Alexander could envy. Thinking back to the human statues that dominated in the Hellenistic Age, they were tall and healthy people with plenty of curves and broad smiles on their faces. They often had numerous adornments on their bodies. Their forms included exquisite details in terms of draped costumes, which were carefully built on pedestals or other sturdy bases. Even as the years chipped away at their hard exteriors, the Hellenistic statues survived through time. They looked stately in those ancient times and continue to in the present era. Their timeless beauty never ceases to impress.

The Greeks Had It Right

We live in a time that is more than two millennia after Alexander’s death. The fall of the Greeks faded into memory, but we recall the grandeur of that era. You might want a piece of it in your own home. You can visit a museum like the Met and stand in awe of how amazing Hellenistic sculptors were. What has changed is that consumers can now harness beautiful works of stone without commissioning a sculptor to work for years on a single piece. You can work with an American manufacturer of fine stone products. It’s easy to source reasonably priced engineered stone materials for finishing your kitchen and other rooms in your home or building.

The Cost Factor

What has also changed is that consumers of almost any means can have the finest looks without paying too much. You don’t have to save for years, for example, to redo your kitchen with classical elements. You can trust Aurea Stone to produce the finest engineered pieces for kitchen floors or perhaps to cover your countertops.

Coming Full Circle

I simply must return to the Met to delve deeper into the Hellenistic works of art. Ten visits would not be enough to soak in all of the artistic elements that could be useful in redecorating my home. While I wasn’t fortunate enough to walk in the footsteps of Philip or his son, Alexander, I can respect how their society influenced the present. I can desire the look of marble for my kitchen but choose engineered stone that is manufactured to be stronger and to fool the human eye.

For more information about getting a natural stone look for your kitchen, check out the gallery of Aurea Stone.

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Don’t give up on a marble kitchen! Our natural stone look changes everything

The young girl stopped at the marble pillars by the entrance to her city’s library.  She simply had to touch them. To her, the ripples of the marble veins were like currents of water she had watched in a stream one afternoon or patterns of stars she saw in the mountains that time her father showed her the Milky Way. Marble contained the mysteries of creation, smooth under her fingertips.

There is no other surface as awe-inspiring as marble, to curious children or to imaginative adults in many cultures over the centuries. Marble is the enduring pride of artists and architects all the way back to classical Greece, and yet is an instinctive favorite of those who know nothing of its historic place in the temples, capitols, cathedrals and statues of Western culture.

You have seen marble in sophisticated shops and banks as well as in beloved public buildings such as churches and museums. The material is so stunning for flooring, countertops and even walls.

But for a kitchen project – a home remodel or even a large new luxury development – marble surfaces too often inspire insecurity. Naturally porous, marble is notoriously prone to stains, scratches, etching and even chipping. Marble surfaces are moderate to high maintenance, sensitive to oil, wine, juice and anything acidic. Keeping it sealed, avoiding placing glasses or bottle filled with acidic liquids on the surface (in case they are slightly wet) and finding any spills quickly will be constant concerns. Without a fresh seal, in a few years liquids will begin to penetrate and stain. Marble adds unwanted tasks in the modern kitchen, whether for residents or for their maid service to be aware of. Builders and homeowners ask themselves, how can we get that natural stone look without the classic burden of care?

Turning to Engineered Stone

High-tech engineered stone is a popular choice for countertops and flooring due to the demands of maintenance for natural marble and the limitations of living with granite. Quartz products are popular choices in engineered stone. Using resins and colorful pigments with fine ground quartz stone has resulted in the material that is now the industry leader. Quartz products deliver a strong, scratch and stain resistant surface that has no need for sealers. This provides an advantage over natural granite, which is harder than marble but does require sealing.

The popularity of engineered quartz countertops is understandable. However, attempts to create the elegant and classical marble look has still eluded homeowners who love the sophistication of marble. When homeowners examine the typical white quartz products, they are disillusioned. Quartz products have repeatedly failed to provide the authentic look of natural marble.

Aurea Stone Has Changed Everything

Now everything has changed for designers, builders and homeowners.  We are an engineered stone company with a new product that the engineered stone industry has been looking for years but nobody has been able to achieve until now.

With natural-looking translucent grain qualities and the benefits of sophisticated modern engineering, our innovative PHI Technology provides a grain-free surface that looks just like marble. You will want to look at it, and to place your hand on the nearly-luminous glossy surface every time you enter the room.

The difference is in the living. You’ll enjoy maintenance-free durability equal to any engineered quartz surface at a better price. Yes, the enduring magic of marble and practicality of engineered stone have been brought together in the perfect material for high-end kitchen decor.

High-End, Not High Maintenance

Living with your spectacular Aurea Stone engineered kitchen surfaces could not be easier. Your life will be markedly different than life in a marble kitchen. Unlike marble, two simple guidelines will keep your Aurea Stone surfaces stunningly beautiful.

To clean the surfaces, use gentle non-abrasive, non-acid cleaners.  Selecting gentle cleaners is all you need to do to protect the shine. Most residents living with their new Aurea Stone kitchens simply use liquid dish soap with a sponge, cloth or mop.

While Aurea Stone is harder than natural granite and relatively scratch resistant, remember that metal tools have been used to cut and carve stone since the beginnings of civilization. Knives and other metallic objects can scratch the surface, so use a cutting board or mat whenever appropriate to safeguard the enduring beauty of the surface.

That’s it. Now there is a normal way to live your life with a stunning surface. No panic attack if you spill a glass of wine. No having to remember to reseal periodically — just expect many years of durable use. There is no need to give up on give up on the elegant look of natural marble for your stunning and livable kitchen – simply enjoy Aurea Stone as one of the crowning touches of your home’s decor.


You won’t believe engineered stone can have such a real natural stone look!

The quartz countertop revolution has put durable fabricated stone into America’s homes and created a flurry of competition vying for your residential construction or remodeling project. As you shop, looking at the practical materials available, you will notice that most of these factories are struggling to meet your standards in one most important area. They attempt to create the impression of real stone, cut from a stone quarry or a cliff, but they are not delivering a believable illusion.
A cut above
One methodology stands out from the crowd. A stone fabrication group has been granted a patent for a manufacturing method dubbed “Phi technology.” It produces the first product that genuinely looks and feels like the finest Italian marble while delivering the easy care traits of fabricated quartz. Aurea Stone, now noted as a ground-breaking and innovative solution for home materials, is our company. We are the team that made this breakthrough. The people responsible for the engineered stone with the real natural stone look are now proudly turning out countertops, floor tiles and architectural elements that the rest of our industry has been looking for years but nobody else has been able to achieve and deliver to you. We are thrilled to ship a durable white product that looks like natural marble but is significantly easier to live with and care for.
What should I tell my contractor?
Because this is a new technology, you may be working with a builder who has not yet had a chance to build with Aurea Stone. The first step is to understand the reason marble is cherished and why certain marbles are considered world-class. If your contractor is familiar with classic natural Calacatta marble, the switch to Aurea Stone will be a no-brainer. Calacatta is one of several almost legendary white marble stone materials sourced from the quarries around the storied region of Tuscany, Italy. These marbles have long been prized for a translucent white tone that brings elegance to any interior. When you look at real Calacatta marble you will see gentle gray and gold veins marbled through the surface and diving into the translucent body of the natural stone. Engineered stone manufacturers have wanted to list a Calacatta-look surface in their catalogs for years, but they have not created a believable effect. Tell your contractor that you want to see the only engineered stone that an Italian designer could believe in, Aurea Stone. Hold it in your hand. You will marvel at the grainless, translucent stone surface with subtle 3D veining and color variations redolent of natural marble. You and your building professional will become converts from the moment you see the visual difference.
Builders may try to steer you towards granite. Our engineered Aurea Stone material is stronger, less brittle and more durable than granite. In addition, while builders often urge you to do everything all at once, if you decide to split up your remodel into two phases, Aurea Stone will always match the same specifications, unlike natural stone that can vary in texture or color over time as slabs are mined from the earth. For consistency and minimal variability, our engineered stone product provides an unmatched solution.
If price is not an issue for me, should I just go for natural marble?
Designers and homeowners tell us again and again how much they appreciate our pricing in comparison to natural marble. However, for some high-end projects, price is not the deciding factor. Easy care — or in other words, durability — is. Particularly for those demanding millennials who have the means for fine living, livability has become the most important luxury milestone.
Aurea Stone’s Calacatta product is superior to natural stone in daily performance. Unlike the relatively soft surface of real marble, Aurea’s product is highly stain resistant. Leaving a red wine glass on the counter overnight no longer creates a remodeling crisis. Setting a hot tea kettle down on your luxurious marble coffee table is no longer an act of shame for a helpful house guest.
For most of our satisfied clients, Aurea Stone represents a budget-friendly way to beautifully upgrade your home. For a few, the cost means nothing but our high standards allow a casual, modern lifestyle in their top-tier home settings. Whether quality or affordability ultimately drives your choice, you can rely on our engineered marble to provide both for your residential building requirements.
The Aurea Stone company has built a reputation for innovation while acquiring a rapport with our creative and loyal customers since we made this breakthrough. Give us the opportunity to show you the stunning look of our Phi technology so you can make the best decision for your lovely home.
Yours in writing,

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Refurbish Your Home With the Natural Stone Look

If your home is truly your castle, you deserve not only a feeling of belonging and home security but a profound sense of comfort and elegance. Whether modern or touched with the best antique instincts, your home deserves to be fit for royalty in this modern day where we bow to no kings or emperors. Let your family and guests be the true royalty in your life. Why not bring the look of treasured palaces and beautifully executed temples of the past into your residence today?   

Before you answer that question, let us reassure you that we understand your reservations.  You may balk at the concept of making your home feel like a castle out of apprehension over the price of the one material that has defined luxury over the centuries:  marble.  White marble is the natural stone homeowners tend to imagine first, before slate or granite.  They know their guests will see the marble elements and understand their intrinsic luxury.  Even a child understands a marble surface costs more and sees how it adds to the general elegance of any room — marble has come to mean palatial in the visual vocabulary handed down to us from the ancients. The look of marble speaks volumes, and the touch of smooth stone under your fingers adds a resounding affirmation. This is a special kitchen, a memorable bath, a lavish foyer. This is a remarkable home.

How do you get that natural stone look without those natural quarried marble prices?  There is a way.  At Aurea Stone we have solved the riddle that has frustrated builders for centuries: How do you provide marble quality at a much better price and add in some modern daily durability and stain resistance that natural marble will never offer?

We solved that engineering puzzle with our synthetic process that is relentlessly faithful to the natural beauty of rare Italian marble. When we created this technology, we had to name it PHI to honor the vision of ancient engineers and artists who worked to find an intersection of calculations and stunning beauty. Fast forward to today. The bottom line is that with these surfaces in your home, you fool everyone.  A guest puts a hand on the counter, looks at the delicate veins in the stone and muses, “Wow, that’s real marble.”  They will never know unless you tell them.

Have you been looking for natural stone?

Perhaps you have been haunting the showrooms looking at natural stone material. You have seen some stunning slabs of stone.  You may also have noticed a lot of waste, dust and scrap. Multiply that as the stone is shaped for your home, and the cost of stone seems even higher.

Look no further than our natural-looking engineered Aurea Stone to cut down not only price but the hidden costs of fabrication waste. We offer an array of authentic looking material varieties such as our white Paragon finish, just one of the exciting interpretations we bring to market so that builders like you can replicate a specific kind of beloved white marble.  You get to live with the luxury of the natural stone but enjoy the benefits and the merciful price of engineered stone.

How will you use Aurea Stone in your home?

We have worked with talented designers, contractors and even brilliant home improvement amateurs who want to see the miracle of marble take life in their projects.  By now we have a lot of insight into how people are using our Aurea Stone products to give that impression and how much inspiration they are taking from our PHI technology advances.

You can find your own examples of design with marble in architectural magazines, travel books and design websites. But before you specify what you want, talk to us. We are seeing uses of Aurea Stone that draw on the durability and affordability of our engineered material. Once you touch it, you will have ideas, too.  Take this opportunity today to discover how our groundbreaking replicated marble can provide an unforgettable element in the rooms of your home, your castle.