Craving a Natural Stone Look for Your Home?

Replication? Is it really about fooling the human eye? Or is it more about giving consumers with exacting tastes the results they want through an alternative manufacturing process? At Aurea Stone, we like to think of our ability to create perfection as an advantage to consumers. We realize that many consumers would love to have a natural stone look to finish their exterior or interior project, but they aren’t sure they have the budget for all real materials. That’s why we are here to replicate white marbles to look like the most beautiful finishes you would find in the ancient chapels of Europe, but endowed with the benefits of engineered stone. Our finished white marbles are so real that you would not be able to differentiate the natural stone look from the Aurea version. The truth is that nobody in the market has reached a similar result, which is our imitation of exquisite white marble.

Nights in White Satin or Days in Your White Marble Kitchens?

A consumer audience that definitely benefits from the beauty of Aurea Stone marble-like stone consists of romantic couples planning a new life together. In this day and age, couples get married or begin to co-habitate at any age. It’s a process that people go through perhaps more than once in a lifetime. It’s full of serious design choices that should last for a while. A fun element of this major process of creating a joint home is selecting the interior features that meet the aesthetic needs of both partners. We think of a wedding dress as belonging to a bride in white satin, but imagine the beautiful white countertops that you and your partner might add to your new kitchen. It could be that you are buying a home or renovating, but simulated white marble stands out in any environment.

Aurea Stone’s Beauty

Some beautiful kitchens consist of sleek white cabinetry, perhaps of a faux wood laminate or a white finished steel. The perfect finish to countertops in an all-white kitchen is one of our finished marble looks. The counters themselves appear clean and vibrant with an Aurea engineered stone finish, but their composition will be stronger. Engineered Aurea Stone is more durable, less porous, and less prone to stains than authentic white marble. The most important piece of marble in the kitchen to some couples planning their kitchen is the top of the island, a nice shared workspace. In fact, some kitchens of a grander scale boast two or more islands. Together, you can choose the desired thickness for each worktop, perhaps greater than the other countertops.

Superior PHI Engineering

We’re not here to say that buying Aurea Stone is the same as finishing a kitchen with real marble, but we’re here to guarantee your satisfaction with one of our replicated white marbles. We use our PHI technology to apply heat in just the right way in the normal manufacturing process to create a finished stone that mimics marble. It does fool the human eye. We have different colors, textures, and patterns that are carefully designed to please you and your entire family. Visitors to your home will never know the difference.

Expand Your Sights

If you want to decorate kitchen countertops in white marble, that’s just the beginning. Get creative by using faux white marble to cover the floors of any room in the home, especially to upgrade bathrooms. Aurea Stone provides the perfect finish for outdoor patio and lanai floors. Even high-rise condos that you purchase are easy to finish with faux white marble floors inside and out. Our replicated marbles defy the imagination while helping you economize on building costs. Just ask about the many design possibilities with Aurea’s natural stone look.