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Designing Modern Countertops with a Natural Stone Look

You want to take part in designing the kitchen for the next chapter of your life. In your research, you probably have learned that the most classical of building materials, natural marble, is easily damaged by heat, acidic liquids like cola, wine or orange juice, and by many common cleaning supplies. You may be thinking that you have to give up on your desire for the kitchen of your dreams by settling for coarse-grained granite or uninspired quartz interpretations that leave you shrugging and wishing for the sublime natural patterns of marble.

If you really want the authentic look of fine Italian marble without the cost and the upkeep concerns, there is finally an answer for you.

Aurea Stone brings the timeless look of marble to modern design
With our patented PHI technology, you can fit modern engineered stone to your requirements and then relax while the admiration for “real” marble fills your guests with wonder. Aurea Stone invented the technology that makes your tough engineered stone counters and even floors fool the eyes of everyone who enters the room. People are drawn to the kitchen as the center of home life — and yours will create memories.

Let your design sense flow. As you look at our surfaces, you may instantly see possibilities for white kitchens, or for contrasting dark materials. Look through our subtle, beautiful variations and contrast these magnificent modern engineered surfaces with natural materials you love.

A Paragon of visual virtue
Turn to our Paragon stone as a savvy, versatile starting point. While you will want to see each of our PHI technology creations, the Paragon version offers a crisp, stylish white with muted marbled veins. This means you can follow your bliss in any of several directions. Flex your design muscles by sketching out a series of different visions centered on a Paragon counter and island plus potentially the backsplash as well.

Boldly envision an all white or white and steel kitchen where the Paragon surfaces are a statement for the natural world in a high-tech industrial statement. What does that look give you as a blank canvas for your colorful life?

Choose the powerful contrast of white, black and a primary color such as red to create a graphic arts look with Paragon’s natural stone look anchoring the white side. Red, white and black in combination present a powerful visual tradition. Marble is as modern a look as you could wish, and it gives a depth to that chess and checkers look that is as old as the finest chess set in any marble-walled European museum.

Engineered to stand alongside nature
As you work through each of your ideas don’t overlook the cherished rustic feel of hand-crafted, pride-infused homes. Surprisingly, it is entirely possible to pair natural complements with your prized engineered stone, underscoring the natural Paragon look. Reclaimed barn wood is a beloved statement in modern homes, whether richly dark or weathered to an elegant neutral gray. The grain patterns of fine old wood speak to the elegant grain patterns in our PHI-driven, marble-faithful surfaces.

Combine the stunningly natural look of Aurea Stone with hand shaped terracotta tiles, leather chairs and woven baskets to fill out a room with emotional memories of a time when everything was handcrafted by definition. By working with the engineered surfaces of Aurea Stone you are free to invoke that rich, simpler time in your own designs without giving up on the carefree modern life you love.

As you envision your project, whether it is your kitchen or if in fact you have been entrusted to create a beautiful home for someone else to live their life in, we at Aurea Stone are here to assist you in finding the livable, beautiful engineered surface of your dreams.