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Don’t give up on a marble kitchen! Our natural stone look changes everything

The young girl stopped at the marble pillars by the entrance to her city’s library.  She simply had to touch them. To her, the ripples of the marble veins were like currents of water she had watched in a stream one afternoon or patterns of stars she saw in the mountains that time her father showed her the Milky Way. Marble contained the mysteries of creation, smooth under her fingertips.

There is no other surface as awe-inspiring as marble, to curious children or to imaginative adults in many cultures over the centuries. Marble is the enduring pride of artists and architects all the way back to classical Greece, and yet is an instinctive favorite of those who know nothing of its historic place in the temples, capitols, cathedrals and statues of Western culture.

You have seen marble in sophisticated shops and banks as well as in beloved public buildings such as churches and museums. The material is so stunning for flooring, countertops and even walls.

But for a kitchen project – a home remodel or even a large new luxury development – marble surfaces too often inspire insecurity. Naturally porous, marble is notoriously prone to stains, scratches, etching and even chipping. Marble surfaces are moderate to high maintenance, sensitive to oil, wine, juice and anything acidic. Keeping it sealed, avoiding placing glasses or bottle filled with acidic liquids on the surface (in case they are slightly wet) and finding any spills quickly will be constant concerns. Without a fresh seal, in a few years liquids will begin to penetrate and stain. Marble adds unwanted tasks in the modern kitchen, whether for residents or for their maid service to be aware of. Builders and homeowners ask themselves, how can we get that natural stone look without the classic burden of care?

Turning to Engineered Stone

High-tech engineered stone is a popular choice for countertops and flooring due to the demands of maintenance for natural marble and the limitations of living with granite. Quartz products are popular choices in engineered stone. Using resins and colorful pigments with fine ground quartz stone has resulted in the material that is now the industry leader. Quartz products deliver a strong, scratch and stain resistant surface that has no need for sealers. This provides an advantage over natural granite, which is harder than marble but does require sealing.

The popularity of engineered quartz countertops is understandable. However, attempts to create the elegant and classical marble look has still eluded homeowners who love the sophistication of marble. When homeowners examine the typical white quartz products, they are disillusioned. Quartz products have repeatedly failed to provide the authentic look of natural marble.

Aurea Stone Has Changed Everything

Now everything has changed for designers, builders and homeowners.  We are an engineered stone company with a new product that the engineered stone industry has been looking for years but nobody has been able to achieve until now.

With natural-looking translucent grain qualities and the benefits of sophisticated modern engineering, our innovative PHI Technology provides a grain-free surface that looks just like marble. You will want to look at it, and to place your hand on the nearly-luminous glossy surface every time you enter the room.

The difference is in the living. You’ll enjoy maintenance-free durability equal to any engineered quartz surface at a better price. Yes, the enduring magic of marble and practicality of engineered stone have been brought together in the perfect material for high-end kitchen decor.

High-End, Not High Maintenance

Living with your spectacular Aurea Stone engineered kitchen surfaces could not be easier. Your life will be markedly different than life in a marble kitchen. Unlike marble, two simple guidelines will keep your Aurea Stone surfaces stunningly beautiful.

To clean the surfaces, use gentle non-abrasive, non-acid cleaners.  Selecting gentle cleaners is all you need to do to protect the shine. Most residents living with their new Aurea Stone kitchens simply use liquid dish soap with a sponge, cloth or mop.

While Aurea Stone is harder than natural granite and relatively scratch resistant, remember that metal tools have been used to cut and carve stone since the beginnings of civilization. Knives and other metallic objects can scratch the surface, so use a cutting board or mat whenever appropriate to safeguard the enduring beauty of the surface.

That’s it. Now there is a normal way to live your life with a stunning surface. No panic attack if you spill a glass of wine. No having to remember to reseal periodically — just expect many years of durable use. There is no need to give up on give up on the elegant look of natural marble for your stunning and livable kitchen – simply enjoy Aurea Stone as one of the crowning touches of your home’s decor.