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Fabulous Faux Marble finally gets that Natural Stone Look

A modern home craves natural stone. Granite is familiar to the rock climber and certainly to all who have grown up lately in contemporary suburban kitchens, yet for so many of us it fails to evoke the poetry of stone. But marble is the stone that calls out to our souls. With a mysterious, delicate veined pattern that goes below the surface and a translucent quality, the marble countertop, wall or floor in your home makes a high-end statement like no other.

All the glory, none of the agony

Now there is an engineered stone surface that will bring your home the joy of marble with none of the headaches. This original fabrication discovery is now available to you from our company, Aurea Stone, thanks to our patented process called PHI Technology.

We have created a material that is as lovely as marble and more durable than granite. It was inspired by the most mystical of all mathematical and scientific formulas in the history of science. PHI, also called the golden proportion or the rule of thirds, determines what our brains see as beauty in the world around us. It was PHI we called upon.

The discovery of PHI in the 13th century helped lay the groundwork for the Renaissance. History tells us that it was Leonardo Fibonacci who determined that the ratio of 1.618 describes the balance and beauty in all designs, from the temples of Athens to the natural appeal of a baby animal’s big-eyed face. This ratio describes natural beauty that exists in seashells and blossoms. The principle also guides the creation of stunning contemporary beauty when elements are scientifically arranged to be more attractive to the human eye.

PHI led the way

Our product solves several persistent problems. One of them is quite honestly about looks alone. Most faux marble has been shockingly obvious. The entire category simply failed to deliver on the beauty found in the natural stone products. We knew there had to be a way to make a marble that had natural beauty, luminous white body and a depth to its marbling effect. Depth was one of the keys to the puzzle — our designs are three-dimensional, falling into the stone below the surface and re-emerging to the satin-like stone surface again.

We knew we could deliver on durability and price that would be highly superior to the fragile, expensive qualities of real marble, but our most challenging goal was to attain that authentic natural beauty.

As we worked to create a worthy engineered stone for the best homes or commercial designs, we kept returning to the idea of PHI and to the mathematical ratio itself. We already knew all about making fabricated quartz countertops, but it would take the inspiration of PHI and a leap into a revolutionary room temperature, normal atmospheric pressure process to bring the look of gorgeous Italian marble to life in the form of Aurea Stone.

The affordable practicality and the ethereal majesty had to be brought forth together or we would have nothing homeowners, designers or contractors would care about. We knew exactly what we wanted when we set out on this quest, but when our engineers came up with the innovative process we were simply astonished at the artistic, natural look of this new material. They went far beyond, motivated by the knowledge of PHI, that incredible mathematical ratio that was discovered as a result of an inquiry into the laws of beauty. We couldn’t be prouder of our team.

Classic elegance comes home

Let us bring the enduring and inspirational look and feel of marble into your kitchen — or any other room you choose — without any of the expense or practical drawbacks of natural stone. Get in touch with us directly or send your designer to learn about us. We can’t wait to bring the secrets of PHI and the look of natural stone into your home.