Dinergy Vein Detail

Finally, A Real Calacatta for Residential Building Applications

Natural Calacatta marble is one of the most desirable building materials on the planet. Calacatta is one of several white marble stone materials that are mined from the quarries in the Carrara area of Tuscany, Italy. These marbles are prized for their translucent white hues and subtle gold and grey veins. Engineered stone manufacturers have strived to replicate Calacatta in their products for years. Finally, Aurea Stone has developed a real Calacatta for residential building applications with a look and feel that is indistinguishable from natural quarried marble.

Aurea Stone uses its novel Phi technology to engineer a translucent stone surface that shows veins and color variations akin to natural marble. The subsurface coloration patterns and shading changes of our engineered stone suggest movement that had not been achieved before we developed this product. Sculptors and architects know that each Carrara marble quarry produces a natural stone with its own unique characteristics, but that Calacatta marble is whiter than stone that is mined from any of those quarries. Aurea has replicated this characteristic with a grainless surface that shows the cleanest of white backgrounds.

Builders might choose granite for its strength and durability. Aurea’s engineered stone product is stronger and more durable than granite, assuring builders and architects that their creations will have long lives. Our engineering processes will facilitate easy cutting and shaping of our stone. Unlike natural stone slabs that produce remaindered waste, Aurea’s engineered stone generates little or no waste. For building applications that require consistency and low surface variability, Aurea’s engineered stone is unmatched. 

The company’s Calacatta stone is also stain and water resistant, making it ideal for kitchen and washroom applications. Developers and owners will also appreciate the low and consistent pricing in comparison to natural marble or granite. Granite and engineered stone surfaces have been the product of choice for many years, but Aurea’s engineered marble is rapidly becoming the next generation of stone surfaces for these applications.  

Aurea’s Phi technology is at the heart of its Calacatta product. That technology allows us to replicate the subdued natural veining patterns seen in quarried marble. The Phi process combines standard processes and mixing compositions that are utilized in the engineered stone industry with a single-step, ambient temperature, ambient pressure process to produce a final product that is unparalleled in the industry.

You might not consciously recognize the natural patterns that flow through all of nature, but you inherently appreciate the beauty and symmetry that those patterns represent. In the same way, you will appreciate the aesthetics that Aurea’s Phi technology achieves in our Calacatta product. The company has modeled its business and products on the harmony and symmetry seen in classical Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Indian and Chinese architecture, all of which present structures that are pleasing to the eye and in balance with their natural surroundings. That structure and balance has been referred to in history as the Aurea Proportion, which is a mathematical near-constant that embodies innate beauty and proportionality seen throughout nature, from the smallest natural structures to the greatest galaxies. 

You can search for years to find the natural Calacatta marble to meet your needs, or you can rely on our engineered marble for your residential building requirements. Look for our Dinergy product if you want an engineered marble product that reveals a multiplicity of different shades, colors, lights and darks on each vein, just as you might see in a natural marble product. Aurea Stone will create a custom product for you that matches the size and color requirements for any residential or commercial building application, regardless of how large or small that application might be. Please see our website for more information about Aurea Stone and the engineered Calacatta marble products that we offer.