Dinergy by Aurea Stone

Finally, White Marble for Your Kitchen!

Many people enjoy the classic and timeless, yet contemporary, look of marble. It has a rather formal appearance that can enhance a kitchen that is open to view from other rooms in the home.

The white marble countertops in home decorating magazines always look so elegant and enticing. This natural stone’s cool, clean, bright look enchants many people into blowing their budget in order to incorporate this ‘dream’ material into their kitchen. Unfortunately, the reality of living with white marble in your kitchen is far different from the perception.

Marble is a very soft, porous stone that absorbs stains easily; etches, scratches, and pits easily; and is generally hard to live with. Cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, or other spices; red wine, juices, soda, tea, or coffee; tomato sauce or juice; cooking oil; water rings and rust will all permanently stain marble counters. Placing a hot pan on a marble countertop for even a few seconds will also likely cause a permanent color change in the marble.

If you would like the look of white marble without all of the hassles, you may want to consider Aureastone instead. This engineered stone product offers all of the advantages and beauty of white marble without the many disadvantages of the natural stone. Now, you can finally enjoy the look of white marble in your kitchen.

  • Natural marble has translucent veins that give life and movement to the stone. Our stones have veins with this same translucency. This results in an engineered stone that looks remarkably like the real stone.
  • White marble has a brilliant white background color. Our Phi Technology process replicates this same white brilliancy.
  • Unlike granite’s rather large and coarse grain, natural marble’s grain is fairly fine and uniform. Our engineered stone shows that same fine, uniform grain.
  • There’s no need to worry about stains with Aureastone. It may look just like marble, but it resists the same stains that marble absorbs so easily.
  • One reason for this stone’s incredible stain resistance is the fact that it absorbs less liquid than any other stone – including quartz and other engineered stones.
  • This product is extremely durable. It is even more durable than granite, which has a Mohs rating of approximately 6 to 7. In contrast, most marble has a Mohs rating of 2. The only mineral substance softer than marble is talc, from which talcum powder is made! A common grain of sand will scratch and abrade marble. There are no such worries with our Phi Technology engineered stone.
  • Aureastone offers unsurpassed consistency. No matter what quantity you need for your project, you will receive a product that is completely consistent in appearance and price. This is particularly important for large projects.
  • This engineered stone is easily manufactured, easily cut to the exact specifications needed, and doesn’t produce the waste associated with natural stones.

So, what is the Phi Technology mentioned above? This unique, long-sought process uses ambient pressure at room temperature in a single step that elevates the standard engineered stone manufacturing process to a level never before seen. It yields an exclusive product that looks remarkably like natural stone.

Aureastone shares the same coloring, shading, veining, and movement as the natural white marble it mimics so well. This product is unique amongst engineered stones and perfect for your kitchen. Now you can have the countertop look of your dreams without the heartache of finding the inevitable stains, etching, and other damage marks that come with the expensive natural stone.

Invest your kitchen budget in a product that will give you the look you want without the risks associated with natural marble. Aureastone is that unique product.