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Get Forever Marble With the Promise of Engineered Stone

What would a beautifully-appointed bathroom have in common with a medieval altar in Europe?

Imagine it in your mind’s eye: a quintessential marble. At first look, it’s a flat, smooth surface. At second glance, it’s an extension of history into the present, the appeal of stone for its always-cold touch and unrelenting strength, of course, in the absence of very powerful geological forces.

Think of Marble’s Beauty

We love the examples of marble that have survived throughout history. They could be found for sure on the altars of old, but they can also be discovered in the halls of modern state buildings and grand libraries, some from several centuries ago, but all right here in the New World for everyone to behold. Other modern buildings only begin to simulate the use of marble, and they do not yet exude that sense of history in their cavernous depths, the kind that comes with age and endurance, much like a fine wine. We create the kind of marble that beckons from the curb and from across a crowded room.

The Process

At Aurea Stone, we love our PHI technology, which we explain as a single step of pressuring materials at an ambient temperature to achieve perfection in stone engineering. This heat-based approach combines with the typical manufacturing process and the familiar pattern of mixing stone. What’s more, our technology produces an exclusive natural stone that other companies have failed to achieve. Our creative engineers love the satisfaction of producing a faux marble for consumers that is so smooth it could be mistaken for glass. Aurea Stone slabs feature all the intricacies of natural stone. We have endeavored to bring that timeless quality to all products and to pass them on to you for your next building or decorating material. In fact, it’s the endless uses of engineered stone that property owners appreciate when real marble is too expensive for their improvement budget. We make it easy for you to get the look of forever marble with the promise of engineered stone.

Harmony and Symmetry

When you’re considering decorating an interior with engineered stone, albeit a bathroom or a ballroom, seek out a finished material that resembles marble in every way. It’s important to go beyond the promises that you might read on the websites of engineered stone firms. There are many companies in the world that have attempted to engineer stone to our state of perfection, but they just can’t get the flawless look of marble right. Their processes don’t yield the same results, which we know appeal to our end consumers. Call it not applying the right amount of heat for the right length of time or a problem with their stone mixing formula. Whatever their obstacle to getting the best end product is, we know that we just do it better. Our PHI technology ensures that people are fooled by the natural appearance of engineered stone slabs. You get this outcome no matter which finish you choose. We help you achieve the principles of harmony and symmetry in our creation of the best engineered stone.

Take a Slab View

If you’re shopping for engineered stone, it’s important not to let your senses fool you. It’s best to assess if a product will really achieve the aesthetic goals of your building project. One trick is to carefully review each engineered stone manufacturer’s online portfolio. For example, we have made it easy to take a slab view, so to speak, of our newest creations. We like the Aurea Stone product known as Paragon, which is a white marble with a refined finish. The stone appears to be regular in almost every way and therefore pleases the human love of patterns. We named this finish after the meaning of paragon: a model or pattern of excellence or perfection of kind. If this finish isn’t perfect, then you haven’t witnessed firsthand our carefully crafted stone that simulates marble.

Just look at the different finishes of Aurea Stone and choose the one that will suit your interior today!