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Improving Your Favorite Spaces: In Pursuit of the Natural Stone Look

When we think of luxury homes, we know that they are often examples of excess in decorating style and choice of materials. Upscale residences feature more space than the typical individual or family could ever use. Most of us lead such busy lives, but we still want to come home to that sense of comfort. We want interiors that reflect our sense of taste. It’s also understandable that we want to feel safe and to spoil ourselves a little when it comes to the surfaces that make up each space.

The Real Natural Stone Look: How Real Is It?

However luxurious we want our new or improved home to feel, most of us have a finite budget for decoration, and we tend to be choosy about the features that we plan and introduce into our residence. If you’ve ever appreciated Old World style, then you know how appealing it is to obtain a natural stone look. The trick is to recreate any timeless architectural features without paying too much for real marble. Take it from the experts. The secret to saving money is choosing Aurea Stone.

Go Grand or Be Specific

Discerning consumers like you have specific wants or needs that require the smart use of authentic marble. You might imagine the elegance of covering every counter or floor with this fine material. A home becomes instantly more valuable when you introduce marble. You might dream even bigger, reaching for a vision of graceful marble steps leading down the hill from the backyard to the outdoor pool. Honestly, the bigger the space that you plan to cover with real marble, the greater your cost will be. Marble is easy to estimate at a cost per square foot. Because of your budget, you might have to settle for Aurea Stone, which is carefully engineered to look flawless. It is so similar to marble that it can fool people who specialize in art, architecture, design, and construction. Our stone is available in different colors and patterns, and we have one to match your project.

Three Spaces for Authentic-Looking Faux Marble

We have put together three ideas for how you can judiciously introduce faux marble by Aurea Stone without breaking the bank. Each of these spaces are sure to attract the attention of guests and family members and to meet your expectations for aesthetic beauty:

  1. The courtyard kitchen. Any space inside or outside the home is the perfect spot for creating an oasis or a place to enjoy cooking and baking. Create a simple workspace and finish it with engineered stone. Cover counters, walls, and floors with our various finishes of stone.
  2. The pool kitchen. Covering any floor space with marble or faux marble is dangerous if the surface is usually wet when people walk on it. Even if you want to use marble in the pool area, you might be better off covering the surfaces of the pool kitchen or the seating area around the fire pit with replicated marble.
  3. The garden path. Any green area within your home’s interior or on the perimeter is a place to find peace and solitude. Escape all the troubles of a busy day. Create a way for people to build up their anticipation as they approach the garden. Add Aurea Stone steps to a luxurious garden path.

We want to help you make over your home, office, or guest house with faux marble. The engineered stone that we develop using patented PHI technology is resistant to cracks and molds. It is less porous and guaranteed to be stronger than real marble. It is more cost-effective to mine and produce. Engineered stone gives your project a smaller ecological footprint. Learn today how much it would cost to use replicated marble in your next design project.