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Luxurious Natural Marble Goes Outdoors: Practical, Beautiful Engineered Stone

White marble is everywhere in 2016. The look of white stone, sometimes trimmed in gold, is one of the hottest interior design trends today. Most new or newly redesigned homes employ marble for accents or countertops in elite, upscale bathrooms or kitchens. But there are no rules for where to enjoy this timeless look. Increasingly, marble is also making its way into the bedroom as well. Whether you dream of a marble fireplace mantel, king-sized headboard or window sills, your bedroom can welcome marble. The temptation to bring the opulence of marble into the patio, outdoor kitchen island or poolside shower enclosure is no longer something to resist. Now your estate grounds or your compact garden lanai can reflect the pride of Paris, Rome and Ancient Greece with the enduring charm of marble.

Forget what you know about marble

At Aurea Stone, classic white marble has been utterly transformed. We have perfected a new material that eliminates all the challenges of crafting stylish home features from marble. The result is the product that the home decorating and construction industry has been seeking for years but nobody else has been able to achieve. We have a patented stone manufacturing method that creates a marble that is stronger than ever. Other manufacturers have attempted to replicate marble for greater durability and value but one glance betrays their failed attempts. The last thing you need is an intended luxury surface that fails to hold up to your guests’ simple scrutiny. With our breakthrough Phi Technology, they will not detect any differences from natural marble. You won’t believe its manufactured stone. Our company is dedicated to the intersection between artistic beauty and practicality. Our deftly engineered stone can stand in for marble anywhere in your home, from the kitchen to poolside.

How Aurea Stone will make your outdoor living luxurious

  • Aurea Stone will hold up like no natural marble ever could. No pitting from acidic runoff, a worldwide problem for some of the great marble structures of the Ancient World. Because this amazing material is stronger than granite, when you install it in your outdoor sanctuary the gleaming stone will impress for years to come. Our Phi Technology produces an engineered stone product that is more durable than any other substance on the market.
  • Our stone will not change color. White or pastel stone simply loses its meaning if it yellows or fades. Select exactly the tone and delicate vein pattern you want and know it will endure for you for the years ahead.
  • Aurea Stone simply looks like natural marble. Phi Technology was designed to create this product, gracefully traced with translucent veins revealing a three-dimensional effect. Aurea Stone performs on a whole different level of faithfulness to nature than any “painted-on” looking effects you may have seen from the competition.
  • Your contractor will agree with the industry experts: Aurea Stone is incredibly easy to cut and work with. Saving installation time makes everybody happy.
  • Our stone will not change color. White or pastel stone loses its meaning in your home if it yellows or fades.Aurea Stone is an exceptional value. Our prices are affordable, so you can fulfill your dreams of large, stunning surfaces.
  • Aurea stone is stainless. The spills and thrills of real life will not mar your stone, whether you pave the patio, line a sculpture grotto or top the exterior counter.
  • Water simply runs away from Aurea stone.  This lovely material resists absorption much more stubbornly than other materials.

Now’s the time to embrace this elegant future. Get in touch with us to start the selection process. We are here to answer all your concerns and put the joy of marble within your reach, indoors or out.