Natural-Looking Marble at a Bargain: The Eternal Quest for Engineered Stone

Looking Back to the Past

Every time you turn around, there’s a trend from the past that sparks a new craze. We can turn to the ancient Greeks for vivid examples of marble and stone works. In fact, by 580 BCE, the Greeks had begun to craft people out of stone, such as the kouroi of Argos. These male figures had a very static form. Their arms were pinned to their sides just like the carved statues of Egyptian pharaohs from earlier periods. Once the ancient Greeks reached the classical period, they began to work with marble. The Greeks used marble to depict everything from flora and fauna to the greatest leaders of the time period. Quite simply, marble has stuck in the human imagination and won’t let go. If you want to beautify your home with a classical material, it’s likely that marble has crossed your mind at some point in time.

Looking in Your Community

If you’ve ever visited an elegant showcase of homes in your community or stayed in an upscale hotel, you’ve witnessed firsthand the evidence of marble. It is especially popular for use in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and common areas. Marble has a classic look that predates even the oldest castles in human recollection. It’s a material that is beyond the budget of many homebuyers and home improvement lovers in the present era. Marble is timeless, but it’s something that you absolutely must have somewhere in your home.

Cornering the Market

Obtaining different versions of white marble for use in home decor is beyond the reach of many homeowners. If you have a limited budget for finishing countertops, floors, and other surfaces, don’t give up just yet! What we love about our market for engineered stone is that we’re the only company that has successfully produced a replica of marble. The secret is our patented PHI technology. That’s right! Aurea Stone conveys the natural appearance of marble but is manufactured from stone. The result of our cutting-edge method is that property owners just like you can instill a touch of marble in any room for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for genuine marble. We encourage you to read on about the eternal quest for engineered stone

The Endless Pursuit of Marble 

In our experience, every engineered stone factory has been trying for years to achieve a natural stone look for their architectural products. However, the reality is that, while others try to replicate marble, their customers can see the difference firsthand. They easily recognize that the surfaces on display are not authentic. There are imperfections or approximations in the final look of the engineered stone that cannot fool the human eye. With Aurea Stone, we are confident that you won’t distinguish our engineered stone from real marble. By finishing surfaces with our material, you will obtain the beauty of white marbles (i.e. carraras and calacattas) with all of the structural advantages of engineered stone. 

Breaking It Down

Real marble is porous and prone to absorbing liquids and other materials. Marble stains easily, much to the chagrin of homeowners. Therefore, if you had beautiful new marble countertops and spilled a glass of Merlot everywhere, they would become imperfect in an instant. You’d never get that original marble finish back, and you’d always feel extra cautious in the kitchen. Why deal with the hassles of paying for authentic marble when the material gets compromised so quickly? Consider the cost-effectiveness of Aurea Stone for use in your home. We have many ideas on where and how to use this engineered stone and to ensure that people will never know your “marble” surfaces aren’t real.