Natural Stone Look Meets Kitchen Toughness in Aurea Stone

Marble. Classic, nearly luminous, this stone is born of the earth but sings to us of our most highly civilized human past, and of contemporary design. Gleaming white marble countertops you find in the best home decorating magazines entice readers with their elegance. A visit to a stone cutter can seduce the most practical homeowner into selecting this notoriously expensive material. Real marble brings elegance to a home but you may know the punchline.  Installing a real marble countertop can be a costly practical joke for a designer or homeowner who approved the expenditure and had the work done.

Natural marble – a soft, porous stone that nature shapes into caves using water alone – absorbs stains swiftly and often permanently. Consider the everyday demands of a kitchen. The gentle acidity from the ring left by a glass of orange juice or red wine is like Kryptonite to a marble countertop. Simple water rings may do the same. Mild acid etches the surface. Dragging a skillet over the surface while serving breakfast at your enchanting counter almost certainly scratches it deeply, and if the pan is hot, heat damage can bring color change as well. Place a charming antique metal container on the surface overnight, and see a permanent rust stain! Cooking with spices? Better not roll out that cinnamon bun on the stone surface. And keep the pasta sauce away: tomato or cooking oil will change the marble forever.

How can this be? Similar effects are seen in the ancient world. The enduring stone that provides the glory of the Parthenon pillars on the heights of Athens is famously suffering from the effects of acid rain.

So how can you have your classic crowning touch to the kitchen living space and still cook and eat casually – like regular people – in your own home?

Aurea Stone Delivers that Natural Stone Look – without the Downsides

The enduring, seductive look of white marble in your kitchen is finally possible without all of the fragility and risks. Aurea Stone, with the new patented technology called PHI, is now replicating white marble that is kitchen-tested and real-life-ready. This affordable product gives the natural beauty and design finesse of marble with the durability benefits of engineered stone.

  • Natural marble shows charming translucent veins that bring life to the stone. Aurea Stone surfaces are entwined with veins providing this same translucency. The veining of this remarkable engineered stone looks remarkably like the real marble, and will fool the eye of nearly every visitor to your home. Perhaps not your geologist friend, but even he will have to look twice.
  • Aurea Stone is much more refined in look than any white granite.  Granite has a coarse grain. Aurea Stone provides you with the smooth, milky micro-grain of natural marble.
  • White marble is known for brilliance. Phi Technology matched the white brilliance that will make a kitchen glow.
  • Have your tea, wine and coffee – and eat your spice cake, too! Aurea Stone resists the stains that threaten marble. It is acid-resistant, and absorbs less liquid than marble – or any other stone countertop surface – including quartz and other engineered stone counters.
  • Marble is soft, and not at all durable. Aurea Stone is more durable than granite. You can relax, and live a modern life with this product.
  • Aurea Stone is easily cut to the exact shape and specifications needed in your kitchen. You can feel assured that your home is planet-friendly because this engineered product doesn’t produce the waste associated with natural stone cutting.

Aurea Stone brings the marble look to life in your home. Choose the product that offers the same veining and luminosity as the natural marble you love. Create a kitchen you can live in for years to come, savoring the countertop look of your dreams without facing the staining, scratching and etching that marble promises. No other engineered stone can bring this quality to your kitchen project. Select the exclusive product that looks remarkably like natural marble and delivers peace of mind in everyday living.