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Planning Home Improvement Projects in Stages and Incorporating Engineered Stone

When you look around your home, you see it as an investment. It’s something to improve over time. If you are like many homeowners, this is a process that involves a certain amount of love. The process itself doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes it keeps you awake at night. The weekends are a great time to search for inspiration in terms of decorating and design. You might struggle with design questions like these:

Should I change the colors of the room?
Should I update the furniture?
Should I get new flooring?
Should I change the fireplace mantle and stone surrounds to create a new focal point in the room?

These questions and others can make it easier to decide where to begin improving your home. These types of questions will also apply whether you’re staying in your home for a long time or selling it soon because you want to invest in another property. Both your family members and your home’s future occupants want to feel comfortable when they are in the interior space. They want to be in a state of harmony with their surroundings, and, therefore, nothing should seem out of place. In the end, you can do more to improve your home by investing in materials that cost less but have the same visual effect.

We Help Homeowners Do More With Less

When you look around for ways to improve your residence, there are so many options. At first, you might think of high-end materials such as granite and marble. Or, you might think of having a contractor come in and knock down a wall or move it to change the traffic patterns in your home. Every step in the process that it would take to effect a change will cost money (unless it is a step you could do yourself). Pay close attention to your use of materials and invest in those that will stand the test of time. If you think back to Hellenistic times, the Greeks taught the world that the use of marble could be a magnificent material from which to produce precious objects. They used marble everywhere, but especially in gardens, atriums, bathrooms, kitchens, and public gathering spaces. Their use of marble in statues and pedestals resulted in pieces that have survived over two millennia.

Save With Engineered Stone

If you love marble, you can transform any space in your home with our engineered stone. Your investment in Aurea Stone will constitute a fraction of what you would pay for authentic marble. That’s because our engineered stone is manufactured through a special process from quartz, which is a common stone found in many parts of the world. With our many designs in replicated marble, you, as a homeowner, do not sacrifice quality. We have proven through the years that our product is less porous than marble, easy to clean, and strong enough to endure.

Try It for Yourself

To improve your home, remember that you don’t have to take on the makeover of an entire room all at once. It’s easier to make a list of improvements that you imagine and then to rank them according to priority. You can also plan the upgrades to your home in stages. Allow time for having the right amount of cash in your home budget and the availability of contractors based on your community’s building season. For example, you would most likely not change the pool or its surrounding decking in the dead of winter. Aurea Stone can become an integral part of your next home improvement project. You could start small, such as by redoing your fireplace, and see how our engineered stone meets your expectations. Most likely, we will exceed yours because we have perfected the design process through our PHI technology.