This self-portrait by Rembrandt is an example of triangular composition – holding together an intricate subject within three straight lines.

The different lengths of the sides add a little variety. A perpendicular line from the apex of the triangle to the base would cut the base in golden section. A perfect example of an Aurea painting. But Rembrandt is much more than this.
Rembrandt’s etchings are some of the most inventive and influential of all his works. He thought about printmaking in new ways, offering the viewer not only carefully finished masterpieces but also more roughly sketched glimpses into his artistic processes.

From his years as a young artist in Leiden to the last etchings of his career, Rembrandt continued to devise solutions to the problem of depicting light and dark with printed line.

Enjoy the Rembrandt inspiration under the ETCHED Aurea Color, something different that becomes unique. Only suitable for dream spaces!

“Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know.”