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Refurbish Your Home With the Natural Stone Look

If your home is truly your castle, you deserve not only a feeling of belonging and home security but a profound sense of comfort and elegance. Whether modern or touched with the best antique instincts, your home deserves to be fit for royalty in this modern day where we bow to no kings or emperors. Let your family and guests be the true royalty in your life. Why not bring the look of treasured palaces and beautifully executed temples of the past into your residence today?   

Before you answer that question, let us reassure you that we understand your reservations.  You may balk at the concept of making your home feel like a castle out of apprehension over the price of the one material that has defined luxury over the centuries:  marble.  White marble is the natural stone homeowners tend to imagine first, before slate or granite.  They know their guests will see the marble elements and understand their intrinsic luxury.  Even a child understands a marble surface costs more and sees how it adds to the general elegance of any room — marble has come to mean palatial in the visual vocabulary handed down to us from the ancients. The look of marble speaks volumes, and the touch of smooth stone under your fingers adds a resounding affirmation. This is a special kitchen, a memorable bath, a lavish foyer. This is a remarkable home.

How do you get that natural stone look without those natural quarried marble prices?  There is a way.  At Aurea Stone we have solved the riddle that has frustrated builders for centuries: How do you provide marble quality at a much better price and add in some modern daily durability and stain resistance that natural marble will never offer?

We solved that engineering puzzle with our synthetic process that is relentlessly faithful to the natural beauty of rare Italian marble. When we created this technology, we had to name it PHI to honor the vision of ancient engineers and artists who worked to find an intersection of calculations and stunning beauty. Fast forward to today. The bottom line is that with these surfaces in your home, you fool everyone.  A guest puts a hand on the counter, looks at the delicate veins in the stone and muses, “Wow, that’s real marble.”  They will never know unless you tell them.

Have you been looking for natural stone?

Perhaps you have been haunting the showrooms looking at natural stone material. You have seen some stunning slabs of stone.  You may also have noticed a lot of waste, dust and scrap. Multiply that as the stone is shaped for your home, and the cost of stone seems even higher.

Look no further than our natural-looking engineered Aurea Stone to cut down not only price but the hidden costs of fabrication waste. We offer an array of authentic looking material varieties such as our white Paragon finish, just one of the exciting interpretations we bring to market so that builders like you can replicate a specific kind of beloved white marble.  You get to live with the luxury of the natural stone but enjoy the benefits and the merciful price of engineered stone.

How will you use Aurea Stone in your home?

We have worked with talented designers, contractors and even brilliant home improvement amateurs who want to see the miracle of marble take life in their projects.  By now we have a lot of insight into how people are using our Aurea Stone products to give that impression and how much inspiration they are taking from our PHI technology advances.

You can find your own examples of design with marble in architectural magazines, travel books and design websites. But before you specify what you want, talk to us. We are seeing uses of Aurea Stone that draw on the durability and affordability of our engineered material. Once you touch it, you will have ideas, too.  Take this opportunity today to discover how our groundbreaking replicated marble can provide an unforgettable element in the rooms of your home, your castle.