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Strong and Beautiful: The Miracle of PHI Technology

When customers seek a durable, high-end surface, they default to natural stone for its known beauty and strength. The appeal of natural stone is obvious: its organic qualities are timeless and stand the test of time. However, with natural stone, there are sometimes issues of consistency and quantity. In the process of completing a project, there may be issues with supply and therefore inconsistencies with pricing and the project’s look. Many manufacturers have tried to synthetically engineer stone to solve these common problems, but none have come close to replicating the true look of natural stone, that is, until now. At Aurea Stone, we have developed our patented PHI Technology, named after the phi proportions that artists have used throughout history, which generates an exclusive natural stone look that even surpasses granite in its strength.

The Phi (Φ) Proportion 

There is a divine order to everything found in nature. After careful observation of countless things of beauty that are all around us, scientists have found that there is a simple perfection that weaves its thread through all creation, which they have called the phi proportion. Also known as the golden proportion, the phi proportion reflects the universal code for beauty seen in nature. It is based on Phi, the ratio of 1.618 that Leonardo Fibonacci discovered in the 13th century, which is “hard-wired” into our minds. In fact, we are programmed to find faces and designs with this ratio more aesthetically pleasing.

Examples of Phi Beauty

People with facial phi proportions are viewed as the standard of health, vivacity, and attractiveness. It is easy to see this beauty in the faces of famous actors and actresses who dominate their scenes with their presence. An actor that ranks consistently as one of the most attractive based on this ratio is Brad Pitt with an astounding 9.67/10 closeness to the phi ratio.

One can also find this ratio in famous architecture such as the Parthenon in Greece, the Egyptian pyramids, and the ultimate homage to love and devotion: the Taj Mahal. Flowers like sunflowers, spiraled seashells, pine cones, and many other elements in nature also effortlessly reflect this divine perfection over and over again. Whether nature crafts this perfection or the hand of man imitates it, the product is one of beauty.

Our PHI Technology

We take nature’s simple, innate beauty and emulate it in our engineered stone to make our stone appear natural. We take the mathematics of nature and create the most authentic looking stone. Our PHI technology is named after this natural phenomenon of golden beauty, doing its utmost to emulate this essential ratio to maximize the beauty of our product. It is a one-step, ambient temperature and pressure process that unites the standard manufacturing process and mixing composition, resulting in natural looking stone.

Not only do we have exclusive patents on this technology, our products even improve on what nature offers. Our surfaces are stainless, whiter, and more durable than their natural counterparts. They are consistent in quality and quantity and therefore priced uniformly and at rates competitive to natural stone. If you have a large project, you can count on Aurea Stone to meet all your needs with the benefit of having confidence on our consistent pricing and product value.

If you are looking for an engineered stone that is predictable in quality and supply, then you have found the right place. We at Aurea Stone embrace the beauty found in nature and honor it in our craft. Contact us to find out more about the advantages of choosing our engineered stones that are unparalleled in quality and strength.