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Planning Home Improvement Projects in Stages and Incorporating Engineered Stone

When you look around your home, you see it as an investment. It’s something to improve over time. If you are like many homeowners, this is a process that involves a certain amount of love. The process itself doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes it keeps you awake at night. The weekends are a great time to search for inspiration in terms of decorating and design. You might struggle with design questions like these:

Should I change the colors of the room?
Should I update the furniture?
Should I get new flooring?
Should I change the fireplace mantle and stone surrounds to create a new focal point in the room?

These questions and others can make it easier to decide where to begin improving your home. These types of questions will also apply whether you’re staying in your home for a long time or selling it soon because you want to invest in another property. Both your family members and your home’s future occupants want to feel comfortable when they are in the interior space. They want to be in a state of harmony with their surroundings, and, therefore, nothing should seem out of place. In the end, you can do more to improve your home by investing in materials that cost less but have the same visual effect.

We Help Homeowners Do More With Less

When you look around for ways to improve your residence, there are so many options. At first, you might think of high-end materials such as granite and marble. Or, you might think of having a contractor come in and knock down a wall or move it to change the traffic patterns in your home. Every step in the process that it would take to effect a change will cost money (unless it is a step you could do yourself). Pay close attention to your use of materials and invest in those that will stand the test of time. If you think back to Hellenistic times, the Greeks taught the world that the use of marble could be a magnificent material from which to produce precious objects. They used marble everywhere, but especially in gardens, atriums, bathrooms, kitchens, and public gathering spaces. Their use of marble in statues and pedestals resulted in pieces that have survived over two millennia.

Save With Engineered Stone

If you love marble, you can transform any space in your home with our engineered stone. Your investment in Aurea Stone will constitute a fraction of what you would pay for authentic marble. That’s because our engineered stone is manufactured through a special process from quartz, which is a common stone found in many parts of the world. With our many designs in replicated marble, you, as a homeowner, do not sacrifice quality. We have proven through the years that our product is less porous than marble, easy to clean, and strong enough to endure.

Try It for Yourself

To improve your home, remember that you don’t have to take on the makeover of an entire room all at once. It’s easier to make a list of improvements that you imagine and then to rank them according to priority. You can also plan the upgrades to your home in stages. Allow time for having the right amount of cash in your home budget and the availability of contractors based on your community’s building season. For example, you would most likely not change the pool or its surrounding decking in the dead of winter. Aurea Stone can become an integral part of your next home improvement project. You could start small, such as by redoing your fireplace, and see how our engineered stone meets your expectations. Most likely, we will exceed yours because we have perfected the design process through our PHI technology.


You won’t believe engineered stone can have such a real natural stone look!

The quartz countertop revolution has put durable fabricated stone into America’s homes and created a flurry of competition vying for your residential construction or remodeling project. As you shop, looking at the practical materials available, you will notice that most of these factories are struggling to meet your standards in one most important area. They attempt to create the impression of real stone, cut from a stone quarry or a cliff, but they are not delivering a believable illusion.
A cut above
One methodology stands out from the crowd. A stone fabrication group has been granted a patent for a manufacturing method dubbed “Phi technology.” It produces the first product that genuinely looks and feels like the finest Italian marble while delivering the easy care traits of fabricated quartz. Aurea Stone, now noted as a ground-breaking and innovative solution for home materials, is our company. We are the team that made this breakthrough. The people responsible for the engineered stone with the real natural stone look are now proudly turning out countertops, floor tiles and architectural elements that the rest of our industry has been looking for years but nobody else has been able to achieve and deliver to you. We are thrilled to ship a durable white product that looks like natural marble but is significantly easier to live with and care for.
What should I tell my contractor?
Because this is a new technology, you may be working with a builder who has not yet had a chance to build with Aurea Stone. The first step is to understand the reason marble is cherished and why certain marbles are considered world-class. If your contractor is familiar with classic natural Calacatta marble, the switch to Aurea Stone will be a no-brainer. Calacatta is one of several almost legendary white marble stone materials sourced from the quarries around the storied region of Tuscany, Italy. These marbles have long been prized for a translucent white tone that brings elegance to any interior. When you look at real Calacatta marble you will see gentle gray and gold veins marbled through the surface and diving into the translucent body of the natural stone. Engineered stone manufacturers have wanted to list a Calacatta-look surface in their catalogs for years, but they have not created a believable effect. Tell your contractor that you want to see the only engineered stone that an Italian designer could believe in, Aurea Stone. Hold it in your hand. You will marvel at the grainless, translucent stone surface with subtle 3D veining and color variations redolent of natural marble. You and your building professional will become converts from the moment you see the visual difference.
Builders may try to steer you towards granite. Our engineered Aurea Stone material is stronger, less brittle and more durable than granite. In addition, while builders often urge you to do everything all at once, if you decide to split up your remodel into two phases, Aurea Stone will always match the same specifications, unlike natural stone that can vary in texture or color over time as slabs are mined from the earth. For consistency and minimal variability, our engineered stone product provides an unmatched solution.
If price is not an issue for me, should I just go for natural marble?
Designers and homeowners tell us again and again how much they appreciate our pricing in comparison to natural marble. However, for some high-end projects, price is not the deciding factor. Easy care — or in other words, durability — is. Particularly for those demanding millennials who have the means for fine living, livability has become the most important luxury milestone.
Aurea Stone’s Calacatta product is superior to natural stone in daily performance. Unlike the relatively soft surface of real marble, Aurea’s product is highly stain resistant. Leaving a red wine glass on the counter overnight no longer creates a remodeling crisis. Setting a hot tea kettle down on your luxurious marble coffee table is no longer an act of shame for a helpful house guest.
For most of our satisfied clients, Aurea Stone represents a budget-friendly way to beautifully upgrade your home. For a few, the cost means nothing but our high standards allow a casual, modern lifestyle in their top-tier home settings. Whether quality or affordability ultimately drives your choice, you can rely on our engineered marble to provide both for your residential building requirements.
The Aurea Stone company has built a reputation for innovation while acquiring a rapport with our creative and loyal customers since we made this breakthrough. Give us the opportunity to show you the stunning look of our Phi technology so you can make the best decision for your lovely home.
Yours in writing,

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White is the interior color of the year: embrace it with an enduring natural stone look!

When a paint company declares the color of the year for 2016, they have far more information about what is trending than most home decorators or homeowners will ever see.
The Benjamin-Moore company declared white — specifically, a shade called Simply White — the color for 2016. When people reach for white paint, you that know we are seeing them reach for white stone, too. At Aurea Stone, we create durable, astonishing engineered stone surfaces that provide that natural stone look you crave. Using a patented process called PHI, which allows us to bring a luminous white or delicate off-white tones that harmonize with your interior, we create luxurious slabs that will make your kitchen and bathroom into the peaceful, easy everyday temples of your dreams.
Your eyes will believe it is marble
Our cutting-edge engineering process can turn natural quartz stone into a study surface that faithfully recreates marble.
Yes, we have succeeded in fooling the human eye. By turning quartz into authentic-looking stone that simulates marble with much better durability we can bring the stone look for the ages into your bathroom makeover, dazzling the eye. A bathroom makeover expresses your creativity with the finer building materials in life. Stone in the bathroom transforms a cold place into an oasis for relaxing or soaking in the bath any time of day or evening. We provide slabs for countertops, making over antique vanities, surfacing showers — let your imagination be your guide.
Cleaning and protecting will never be a major endeavor
Marble sings in the kitchen too — but only when you choose Aurea Stone to avoid the stainability and acid-sensitivity of natural marble. Don’t get into an expensive situation with annual re-sealing of porous marble that’s far too easy to skip. Aurea makes your life easier.
Only the look is as delicate and evocative as real marble. Your countertops and islands can actually bring back memories of classic works of art. Talk of the beauty of the Athens acropolis over coffee. Ditch the subway tiles with their tired grout patterns — your backsplash will sing with the gentle sparkle of marble, veined and always sumptuous for the eye, wowing your guests and even allowing you to forget your happy secret: this is a modern engineered product at work.
Marble says serenity
Your home is calling out for the calming glow of white stone. Whether you pick up the paint, too, and brighten almost everything or simply add glowing accents, the white of marble is the white of luxury and classicism as well as the color of the year. Frankly, the look of marble is timeless and will remain distinguished. No other material can call out to the past and the future so effectively.
If you think outside the box, you may decide to let the natural stone look unfold on an accent wall in a bedroom, entryway or even your mudroom. The stone cleans up so easily, you can express yourself with it in any way you like. Some of our clients have decided to use Aurea Stone to cover kitchen walls and even floors. They embrace the magic of PHI for extensive accents that almost encompass whole rooms, or for modest but crucial accents such as a classic fireplace mantle, or to clad a support pillar required structurally as part of a remodel — and now gracing a garden like a Greek temple feature rising under a back porch.
Ask us about Aurea Stone today, and we can help you choose a finished pattern that rocks your private world. Oh, and don’t worry: If white is not your color, ask us about the subtle, illuminating color variations we provide in the classic marble patterns with the luminous veining provided by PHI technology.

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Luxurious Natural Marble Goes Outdoors: Practical, Beautiful Engineered Stone

White marble is everywhere in 2016. The look of white stone, sometimes trimmed in gold, is one of the hottest interior design trends today. Most new or newly redesigned homes employ marble for accents or countertops in elite, upscale bathrooms or kitchens. But there are no rules for where to enjoy this timeless look. Increasingly, marble is also making its way into the bedroom as well. Whether you dream of a marble fireplace mantel, king-sized headboard or window sills, your bedroom can welcome marble. The temptation to bring the opulence of marble into the patio, outdoor kitchen island or poolside shower enclosure is no longer something to resist. Now your estate grounds or your compact garden lanai can reflect the pride of Paris, Rome and Ancient Greece with the enduring charm of marble.

Forget what you know about marble

At Aurea Stone, classic white marble has been utterly transformed. We have perfected a new material that eliminates all the challenges of crafting stylish home features from marble. The result is the product that the home decorating and construction industry has been seeking for years but nobody else has been able to achieve. We have a patented stone manufacturing method that creates a marble that is stronger than ever. Other manufacturers have attempted to replicate marble for greater durability and value but one glance betrays their failed attempts. The last thing you need is an intended luxury surface that fails to hold up to your guests’ simple scrutiny. With our breakthrough Phi Technology, they will not detect any differences from natural marble. You won’t believe its manufactured stone. Our company is dedicated to the intersection between artistic beauty and practicality. Our deftly engineered stone can stand in for marble anywhere in your home, from the kitchen to poolside.

How Aurea Stone will make your outdoor living luxurious

  • Aurea Stone will hold up like no natural marble ever could. No pitting from acidic runoff, a worldwide problem for some of the great marble structures of the Ancient World. Because this amazing material is stronger than granite, when you install it in your outdoor sanctuary the gleaming stone will impress for years to come. Our Phi Technology produces an engineered stone product that is more durable than any other substance on the market.
  • Our stone will not change color. White or pastel stone simply loses its meaning if it yellows or fades. Select exactly the tone and delicate vein pattern you want and know it will endure for you for the years ahead.
  • Aurea Stone simply looks like natural marble. Phi Technology was designed to create this product, gracefully traced with translucent veins revealing a three-dimensional effect. Aurea Stone performs on a whole different level of faithfulness to nature than any “painted-on” looking effects you may have seen from the competition.
  • Your contractor will agree with the industry experts: Aurea Stone is incredibly easy to cut and work with. Saving installation time makes everybody happy.
  • Our stone will not change color. White or pastel stone loses its meaning in your home if it yellows or fades.Aurea Stone is an exceptional value. Our prices are affordable, so you can fulfill your dreams of large, stunning surfaces.
  • Aurea stone is stainless. The spills and thrills of real life will not mar your stone, whether you pave the patio, line a sculpture grotto or top the exterior counter.
  • Water simply runs away from Aurea stone.  This lovely material resists absorption much more stubbornly than other materials.

Now’s the time to embrace this elegant future. Get in touch with us to start the selection process. We are here to answer all your concerns and put the joy of marble within your reach, indoors or out.


Natural Stone Look Meets Kitchen Toughness in Aurea Stone

Marble. Classic, nearly luminous, this stone is born of the earth but sings to us of our most highly civilized human past, and of contemporary design. Gleaming white marble countertops you find in the best home decorating magazines entice readers with their elegance. A visit to a stone cutter can seduce the most practical homeowner into selecting this notoriously expensive material. Real marble brings elegance to a home but you may know the punchline.  Installing a real marble countertop can be a costly practical joke for a designer or homeowner who approved the expenditure and had the work done.

Natural marble – a soft, porous stone that nature shapes into caves using water alone – absorbs stains swiftly and often permanently. Consider the everyday demands of a kitchen. The gentle acidity from the ring left by a glass of orange juice or red wine is like Kryptonite to a marble countertop. Simple water rings may do the same. Mild acid etches the surface. Dragging a skillet over the surface while serving breakfast at your enchanting counter almost certainly scratches it deeply, and if the pan is hot, heat damage can bring color change as well. Place a charming antique metal container on the surface overnight, and see a permanent rust stain! Cooking with spices? Better not roll out that cinnamon bun on the stone surface. And keep the pasta sauce away: tomato or cooking oil will change the marble forever.

How can this be? Similar effects are seen in the ancient world. The enduring stone that provides the glory of the Parthenon pillars on the heights of Athens is famously suffering from the effects of acid rain.

So how can you have your classic crowning touch to the kitchen living space and still cook and eat casually – like regular people – in your own home?

Aurea Stone Delivers that Natural Stone Look – without the Downsides

The enduring, seductive look of white marble in your kitchen is finally possible without all of the fragility and risks. Aurea Stone, with the new patented technology called PHI, is now replicating white marble that is kitchen-tested and real-life-ready. This affordable product gives the natural beauty and design finesse of marble with the durability benefits of engineered stone.

  • Natural marble shows charming translucent veins that bring life to the stone. Aurea Stone surfaces are entwined with veins providing this same translucency. The veining of this remarkable engineered stone looks remarkably like the real marble, and will fool the eye of nearly every visitor to your home. Perhaps not your geologist friend, but even he will have to look twice.
  • Aurea Stone is much more refined in look than any white granite.  Granite has a coarse grain. Aurea Stone provides you with the smooth, milky micro-grain of natural marble.
  • White marble is known for brilliance. Phi Technology matched the white brilliance that will make a kitchen glow.
  • Have your tea, wine and coffee – and eat your spice cake, too! Aurea Stone resists the stains that threaten marble. It is acid-resistant, and absorbs less liquid than marble – or any other stone countertop surface – including quartz and other engineered stone counters.
  • Marble is soft, and not at all durable. Aurea Stone is more durable than granite. You can relax, and live a modern life with this product.
  • Aurea Stone is easily cut to the exact shape and specifications needed in your kitchen. You can feel assured that your home is planet-friendly because this engineered product doesn’t produce the waste associated with natural stone cutting.

Aurea Stone brings the marble look to life in your home. Choose the product that offers the same veining and luminosity as the natural marble you love. Create a kitchen you can live in for years to come, savoring the countertop look of your dreams without facing the staining, scratching and etching that marble promises. No other engineered stone can bring this quality to your kitchen project. Select the exclusive product that looks remarkably like natural marble and delivers peace of mind in everyday living.

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