Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Palace With Natural-Looking White Marble

Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms people remodel in their homes, second only to kitchens. People today want bigger bathrooms with open showers and a spacious, bright and open luxurious feel. A modern, remodeled bathroom increases the house’s resale market value.

Without a doubt, marble is the most luxurious material to use. Every piece of marble consists of its own unique patterns of coloring and veining. Its surface has a uniform soft feel. There’s a good reason it has been the first choice of kings and wealthy merchants for millennia.

Practical Disadvantages of Marble in Bathrooms

However, although white marble feels as bright and relaxing as a million dollars, it comes with significant issues, especially in bathrooms, not even counting the expense.

As a soft stone, marble is highly absorbent. It feels wonderful, but it’s not porcelain. Anything with acid or color, such as hair dye or paint, even spilled tomato or orange juice or wine, might permanently stain your bathroom floor or a marble vanity countertop. Don’t set any lemon slices down on it, and certain cleaning products will etch into it. Even bath lotions and other supplies could affect it. Marble is soft, with a Mohs rating of just 2. That means a grain of sand scratches its surface like a diamond blade on glass.

Therefore, to maintain marble’s wonderful surface, you must remain careful about what you bring into or wash off in the bathroom.

However, you can’t protect marble in bathrooms from humidity and moisture. Marble contains minerals, including iron, which turns into rust upon contact with water. More luxury master bathrooms in the mansions of the rich than you might expect look beautiful, but, on closer look, are as stained with rust as an old can.

The Engineered Stone That Looks Like Natural White Marble

For experts in the engineered stone industry who have long sought the way to completely mimic natural stone while maintaining a consistency of movement and veining that appeals to consumers and designers, Aurea Stone is a revolution.

With Aurea Stone you get all the advantages of natural white marble without the problems. It’s engineered made with patented Phi Technology. That’s a unique, one-step process that uses ambient pressure at room temperature to that takes engineered stone from the standard process to the highest quality yet discovered. It applies heat in just the right way at the right time. Aurea Stone looks so much like natural stone it passes for white marble except to experts taking a close look. It shares the veining, shading and coloring of natural white marble.

* There’s only so much marble in the quarries of the world, but it’s easy to make Aurea Stone from stone. And the manufacturer easily cuts it to the exact specifications required to line your bathroom.

* Aurea Stone is more translucent than previous engineered stones. It looks as soft and alluring as natural marble. It’s white, with all the beauty of natural stone.

* Aurea Stone is even more durable than granite, which has a Mohs rating of 7.

* Because it’s harder than granite, Aurea Stone resists absorbing water. It absorbs less water than even quartz, and certainly less than other engineered stone on the market. It certainly won’t rust on the inside.

* Aurea Stone replicates the same fine, uniform grain of white marble.

* Thanks to the Phi Technology, Aurea Stone has a stainless surface that resists all chemical reactions.

* Unlike natural marble shaped by the random forces of the planet, Aurea Stone has a natural consistency of appearance that pleases the most discerning eye. That makes it ideal for large applications such as a roomy master bathroom.

Aurea Stone Comes in the Following Styles:

* Lincoln

* Epitome

* Dinergy

* Phidias

* Modulor

* Paragon

* Etched

* Sfumato

White marble is wonderful for a master bathroom, but comes with risks and is expensive. To conserve this precious natural resource, and to avoid the inevitable stains and scrapes and rust, use Aurea Stone instead. It’s a unique engineered stone that will fool your friends.