What The Natural Stone Look Holds For 2017

Where will natural stone go in 2017? The International Tile & Stone Show that convenes later this year in Bologna, Italy, hosted by CERSAIE, has defined a clear path. Tile and stone designers from all over the world will have their latest stonework masterpieces on display. In case you can’t make it to Italy this year, here’s a sneak peek at the inspiration that will be on exhibit:

Tribals: Taking their cues from the Milan fashion industry, interior designers are digging deep into historical ancestral roots. The results are as exciting as they are exotic. Accent natural stone flooring with herringbone patterns or stripes that have will have you thinking, “Is that zebra inspired?” If you are a world culture officionado, you can express yourself perfectly with this stone trend.

Organics: Where stone is concerned, how much organic can you get? What, exactly, does this trend mean? It means to look for jewel toned patterns against ivory or grey backgrounds. For minimalists who love a splash of bold color, this is a dream come true.

Size: Expect stone to go large this year, as in slabs and enormous tiles. New manufacturing technology now allows seamless coverage of wide expanses of virtually any color or grain variety imaginable. Interested in a completely natural look sans grout lines? Well, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Feature Wall: Because of the new trend for going big, that means a slab can serve as a feature wall. The possibilities are limitless. Opt for freestanding or integrated onto the surface of a wall as a feature work of art.

Textured Naturals: Interior designers have never lost their love for natural stone. But now they have the option of flair au naturel. Textured natural stone creates a marriage between natural beauty and sculpture. It allows for creating illusions such as the movement of desert sands or the natural mosaic effect found in the tunnels of a copper mine.

Animal Channel: If you are desiring to channel your inner spirit animal, it can be done through your natural stone choice. Just select a finish like imitation python for an unusual wow factor.

Mosaic: The old Greco-Roman mosaic styles will be taking on a modernist twist. Whether it adorns a wall, floor, or tabletop, there is no denying the mosaic designs of 2017 are breathtaking and certain to go down in history as a class of artwork their very own.

Nuance: Think stone can only be angular, flat and squarish? How about curved, gentle and nuanced? Natural stone designers are certainly throwing a curve ball with this one and it is definitely a home run.

Illumination: Natural stone may, at times, draw a connection to the gloomy darkness of a stone cave. A 2017 natural stone trend has arrived to dispel the darkness. Integrating lighting with the element of natural stone is a win/win.

Fabrics: Yes, you heard that right, fabrics. Are you crazy about textiles? Do you have a clan plaid? You can boldly display your family’s pattern heritage, or simply your personal pattern of choice, with this innovation.

Geometrics: Is math your thing? Then you will love the geometric designs that are emerging this year. Put your own stamp of STEM where you have your most inspirational brainstorming moments.

But where in the world does someone go to find these amazing natural stone options? The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the Old World. Aurea Stone is the natural stone artistry connection for the New World. To capture the essence of Mother Nature and make her a part of your personal environment is easy, even for those in the Western Hemisphere. Simply connect with natural stone artisans who cling steadfastly to the harmony of nature, geometry and the stone craftsmanship of the ancients.