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White is the interior color of the year: embrace it with an enduring natural stone look!

When a paint company declares the color of the year for 2016, they have far more information about what is trending than most home decorators or homeowners will ever see.
The Benjamin-Moore company declared white — specifically, a shade called Simply White — the color for 2016. When people reach for white paint, you that know we are seeing them reach for white stone, too. At Aurea Stone, we create durable, astonishing engineered stone surfaces that provide that natural stone look you crave. Using a patented process called PHI, which allows us to bring a luminous white or delicate off-white tones that harmonize with your interior, we create luxurious slabs that will make your kitchen and bathroom into the peaceful, easy everyday temples of your dreams.
Your eyes will believe it is marble
Our cutting-edge engineering process can turn natural quartz stone into a study surface that faithfully recreates marble.
Yes, we have succeeded in fooling the human eye. By turning quartz into authentic-looking stone that simulates marble with much better durability we can bring the stone look for the ages into your bathroom makeover, dazzling the eye. A bathroom makeover expresses your creativity with the finer building materials in life. Stone in the bathroom transforms a cold place into an oasis for relaxing or soaking in the bath any time of day or evening. We provide slabs for countertops, making over antique vanities, surfacing showers — let your imagination be your guide.
Cleaning and protecting will never be a major endeavor
Marble sings in the kitchen too — but only when you choose Aurea Stone to avoid the stainability and acid-sensitivity of natural marble. Don’t get into an expensive situation with annual re-sealing of porous marble that’s far too easy to skip. Aurea makes your life easier.
Only the look is as delicate and evocative as real marble. Your countertops and islands can actually bring back memories of classic works of art. Talk of the beauty of the Athens acropolis over coffee. Ditch the subway tiles with their tired grout patterns — your backsplash will sing with the gentle sparkle of marble, veined and always sumptuous for the eye, wowing your guests and even allowing you to forget your happy secret: this is a modern engineered product at work.
Marble says serenity
Your home is calling out for the calming glow of white stone. Whether you pick up the paint, too, and brighten almost everything or simply add glowing accents, the white of marble is the white of luxury and classicism as well as the color of the year. Frankly, the look of marble is timeless and will remain distinguished. No other material can call out to the past and the future so effectively.
If you think outside the box, you may decide to let the natural stone look unfold on an accent wall in a bedroom, entryway or even your mudroom. The stone cleans up so easily, you can express yourself with it in any way you like. Some of our clients have decided to use Aurea Stone to cover kitchen walls and even floors. They embrace the magic of PHI for extensive accents that almost encompass whole rooms, or for modest but crucial accents such as a classic fireplace mantle, or to clad a support pillar required structurally as part of a remodel — and now gracing a garden like a Greek temple feature rising under a back porch.
Ask us about Aurea Stone today, and we can help you choose a finished pattern that rocks your private world. Oh, and don’t worry: If white is not your color, ask us about the subtle, illuminating color variations we provide in the classic marble patterns with the luminous veining provided by PHI technology.