White marble: A classic is reborn

white marble: the actual market trend

The best artist has that thought alone which is contained within the marble shell; The sculptor’s hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone.    – Michaelangelo

Whether traveling in Paris, Rome or New York, a veritable feast of white marble statues and architecture awaits you. For thousands of years this material has been the canvas of choice for such great artists as Michaelangelo and Donatello and the architects of such famous monuments as the Lincoln Memorial and Taj Mahal. Why has white marble been a consistent favorite of such gifted men? Surely it is due to its transcendent beauty and immense durability.

Recently this classic material has been reborn in the interior design space. White marble is increasingly being used as a luxury component in kitchens, baths and beyond.

In their recent article Why marble is an interiors trend to watch in 2015, The Evening Standard’s Dipal Acharya commented on the emergence of white marble as a market trend in interior design, stating,

Though marble can be grand and austere, if chosen wisely and used in small doses, the gleaming stone can add a classic touch to any décor.

The Dallas Morning News recently took note of this new trend with its article Trending: Try natural stone on headboards, staircases and fireplaces, commenting that,

An alternative to granite, marble looks and feels glamorous with distinctive veining and elegant hues.

And it’s not just residential customers choosing white marble for their spaces. Recently a Manhattan icon, the Park Avenue Tower, underwent a 70 million dollar renovation in order to attract millenial tenants. The property at 90 Park Avenue now boasts sycamore walls, glass railings and modern chandeliers. But one of the most striking changes can be seen immediately upon entering the building, as reported by the Wall Street Journal,

The building owner, Vornado Realty Trust, has jettisoned the lobby’s stodgy browns and greens for brighter tones of travertine stone and white marble.

In addition to its use in luxury real estate, white marble is finding its way into the average American’s home, thanks to the rising star of interior designer Joanna Gaines, of HGTV’s show Fixer Upper. This home renovation show features Joanna and her handyman husband, Chip Gaines, as they help clients purchase and renovate “fixer upper” homes in Waco, Texas. Despite its simple premise, this show has skyrocketed the ratings at HGTV, making 2015 its highest-rated year yet.

White marble is a consistent element in Joanna’s designs as she mixes farmhouse elements with clean, chic lines.  Whether she is posting photos of white marble to Instagram, showcasing marble vanity countertops or pinning photos of her recent white marble kitchen elements, the message is clear: white marble should be at the top of every homeowner’s list when it comes to designing or renovating a home.

At Aurea Stone, white marble is our specialty. And thanks to our Phi Technology, many of the previous issues with engineered marble are no longer a concern.

Why should you choose Aurea Stone?

  • Aurea Stone is more translucent: As natural stone patterns do, our veins show a unique translucent transparency that will make you believe they are real.
  • We have the beauty of natural stone: Yes, it is true, our patterns look like they are alive, and an incredible shade changing and movement inside make them unique as not other engineered stone does.
  • Our stone is whiter: The way Aurea Stone is produced together with Phi Technology grants a grainless surface with an extraordinary white background
  • Aurea Stone is even stronger than granite: Phi Technology brings an enhanced surface, suitable for any application with a better durability than any other material.
  • Our stone has better consistency: High end natural stones can be purchased and used for any application with a consistent looking, consistent price and with any quantity needed. Ideal for those large projects.
  • Aurea stone has less water absorption: Much less water absorption than quartz or any other engineered stones.
  • Phi Technology grant a stainless surface: Finally certain natural stone can be used in that dreamt application.
  • Our stone is easy to cut and manufacture: Easy to cut and manufacture, and what is more important, forget about usable surface of the slab…..ALL OF IT !!!

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