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Why Choose The Natural Stone Look? Seven Reasons

Many property owners desire the beauty of a stone surface. Whether’s it’s for a counter top, kitchen island, or bathroom, stone has a way of enticing the senses. It’s also a strong and durable material that lasts for years without cracking or wearing down. Unfortunately, natural stone is a pricey material, but with modern technology, property owners can have the natural stone look and quality without having to pay for natural stone. Check out some of these awesome benefits of engineered stone below.


Although natural stone is beautiful, it lacks consistency in pattern, and some property owners prefer a certain design that repeats. Engineered stone is perfect for this purpose because professionals make it look like stone while having a uniform appearance. You can choose the same design in your kitchen as you have in the bathroom if you wish. Engineered stone also lacks the flaws and irregularities sometimes found in natural stone.


Engineered stone is stronger and more durable than natural stone because it’s harder and heavier. This means that it’s less likely to crack or chip, which many property owners appreciate. It also means you won’t have to replace them for many years. Natural stone like granite requires regular sealing to achieve the same resistance to cracking and chipping.

Stain Resistance

Natural stone is more prone to staining than engineered stone. That’s because natural stone has porosity that engineered stone doesn’t have. Sealing helps natural stone resist staining, but many property owners would rather not have to deal with the cost and hassle of regular sealing. Engineered stone won’t stain even in the face of wine, juice, and oil spills. Spills also wipe away more easily on engineered stone.

Color Choices

Natural stone comes in its earthy tones, but some property owners prefer to have more color choices. Fortunately, engineered stone comes in a broad range of colors to suit unique tastes. In addition, natural stone has color variation within each piece, so it’s not right for those who prefer solid colors. Engineered stone also comes in patterns and styles that aren’t found in nature.

No Porosity

The fact that engineered stone lacks porosity is certainly a positive. Natural stone’s porosity makes it likely to harbor bacteria in fissures and pores, where cleaning is difficult. This presents a food safety concern for property owners who cut food directly on the counter. Porosity also makes natural stone counters more likely to crack than engineered stone counters.

Heat And Scratch Resistance

Engineered stone counters resist heat and scratches well, even heat from putting a hot pan directly on the surface. This means you won’t end up with an unsightly scorch mark if you set a hot pan on your counter. If you cut vegetables directly on the counter, the sharpness of your knife won’t damage the surface since the material is so hard.

Economical Advantage

Many property owners choose engineered stone because they want a material that looks like stone without the high price tag of real stone. Perhaps you’re selling your property and want to add significant value to it without paying a significant price. Updating counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom with engineered stone is one way to do that.

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