Why Pay for Natural Stone When You Can Choose Engineered Stone?

Have you ever walked over textured floors with bare feet? On those soft soles, stone slabs or tiles feel cool and reassuring. Tiles installed in a geometric pattern give a room a remarkable quality of symmetry. The even lines are pleasing to the human eye, suggesting both order and balance. These features of stone pattern floors ease your mind no matter how weary you might be. We encourage you to experiment with the size of simulated marble floor slabs or tiles; dare to change the sense of proportion in a room.

Why Natural-Looking Stone

Large stone pieces can make any space feel larger. With higher ceilings and well-designed lighting, the same interior space might even assume a cavernous look. If space is what you want as well as beauty and order, then it makes sense to finish your floors with beautiful Aurea Stone, especially in bathrooms and common areas.

What We Promise

We are engineers of replicated stone finishing materials. We give you a high-quality product that looks like natural marble, but is really a finely-crafted stone. We engineer each floor covering material with precision and in a variety of patterns and colors. Our designers always have a fresh design available to produce and ship to your home. Our goal is to help you transform any space into an aesthetic paradise. We also encourage you to express your personal flair for decor with natural-looking stone, keeping in mind that our products will never lack for elegance or authenticity. Marble, whether simulated or genuine, is remarkable and has infinite uses in private homes.

Stepping into the Future

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a discerning consumer working with an architect or interior designer, we know that the design process is a challenge. You are asked to dream up and then implement the interior finishes that will satisfy you for years to come. Who knows what your life will look like a decade from now? This challenge is not for the weak or the uncertain mind. It’s best to consider many samples that you see online. You can even visit flooring showrooms before choosing finishes for each room of your home.

Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

The worst-case scenario will be the selection of a stone slab or tile that you will want to rip out shortly after it is expertly installed. A little bit of research and perhaps some professional advice will help you select the right flooring material. With Aurea Stone, consumers like you won’t pay too much for real marble because you will leverage the cost savings of replicated stone.

Our Process for Making Engineered Stone

Our engineers have simulated the look of the most beautiful marbles around the world and created unique patterns that bring replicated marble into the 21st century. We have a patented process for replicating marble using our PHI technology. It’s the careful application of heat during the fabrication process that turns everyday stone components into the final product that is the envy of the entire industry. Our production team works together to ensure that our factory produces exquisite stone slabs; they seem real but cost much less than authentic marble. This results in consumers like you achieving architectural beauty in your finest spaces without investing in real marble.

Protecting the Environment

Aurea Stone products also help homeowners to feel confident that they are reducing their environmental impact. We know that it is vastly expensive to mine the Earth for real marble. We use premium natural stone components to make a finished replicated marble that fools the human eye. Once your stone slabs are put into place, visitors to your home will never know the difference.