You won’t believe engineered stone can have such a real natural stone look!

The quartz countertop revolution has put durable fabricated stone into America’s homes and created a flurry of competition vying for your residential construction or remodeling project. As you shop, looking at the practical materials available, you will notice that most of these factories are struggling to meet your standards in one most important area. They attempt to create the impression of real stone, cut from a stone quarry or a cliff, but they are not delivering a believable illusion.
A cut above
One methodology stands out from the crowd. A stone fabrication group has been granted a patent for a manufacturing method dubbed “Phi technology.” It produces the first product that genuinely looks and feels like the finest Italian marble while delivering the easy care traits of fabricated quartz. Aurea Stone, now noted as a ground-breaking and innovative solution for home materials, is our company. We are the team that made this breakthrough. The people responsible for the engineered stone with the real natural stone look are now proudly turning out countertops, floor tiles and architectural elements that the rest of our industry has been looking for years but nobody else has been able to achieve and deliver to you. We are thrilled to ship a durable white product that looks like natural marble but is significantly easier to live with and care for.
What should I tell my contractor?
Because this is a new technology, you may be working with a builder who has not yet had a chance to build with Aurea Stone. The first step is to understand the reason marble is cherished and why certain marbles are considered world-class. If your contractor is familiar with classic natural Calacatta marble, the switch to Aurea Stone will be a no-brainer. Calacatta is one of several almost legendary white marble stone materials sourced from the quarries around the storied region of Tuscany, Italy. These marbles have long been prized for a translucent white tone that brings elegance to any interior. When you look at real Calacatta marble you will see gentle gray and gold veins marbled through the surface and diving into the translucent body of the natural stone. Engineered stone manufacturers have wanted to list a Calacatta-look surface in their catalogs for years, but they have not created a believable effect. Tell your contractor that you want to see the only engineered stone that an Italian designer could believe in, Aurea Stone. Hold it in your hand. You will marvel at the grainless, translucent stone surface with subtle 3D veining and color variations redolent of natural marble. You and your building professional will become converts from the moment you see the visual difference.
Builders may try to steer you towards granite. Our engineered Aurea Stone material is stronger, less brittle and more durable than granite. In addition, while builders often urge you to do everything all at once, if you decide to split up your remodel into two phases, Aurea Stone will always match the same specifications, unlike natural stone that can vary in texture or color over time as slabs are mined from the earth. For consistency and minimal variability, our engineered stone product provides an unmatched solution.
If price is not an issue for me, should I just go for natural marble?
Designers and homeowners tell us again and again how much they appreciate our pricing in comparison to natural marble. However, for some high-end projects, price is not the deciding factor. Easy care — or in other words, durability — is. Particularly for those demanding millennials who have the means for fine living, livability has become the most important luxury milestone.
Aurea Stone’s Calacatta product is superior to natural stone in daily performance. Unlike the relatively soft surface of real marble, Aurea’s product is highly stain resistant. Leaving a red wine glass on the counter overnight no longer creates a remodeling crisis. Setting a hot tea kettle down on your luxurious marble coffee table is no longer an act of shame for a helpful house guest.
For most of our satisfied clients, Aurea Stone represents a budget-friendly way to beautifully upgrade your home. For a few, the cost means nothing but our high standards allow a casual, modern lifestyle in their top-tier home settings. Whether quality or affordability ultimately drives your choice, you can rely on our engineered marble to provide both for your residential building requirements.
The Aurea Stone company has built a reputation for innovation while acquiring a rapport with our creative and loyal customers since we made this breakthrough. Give us the opportunity to show you the stunning look of our Phi technology so you can make the best decision for your lovely home.
Yours in writing,